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Live Radio Show - Pat Crosby on the The Angel Heart Radio Network - Forgiveness and Sacred Geometry, Peru, Power Places, Portals.... more

Rather you are a shaman, healer, lightworker, loving person, thinking of going on a sacred journey or vision quest, sacred geometrician, interested in Peru and sacred power places .... you will find something of interest in this free-ranging discussion.

Please join us!

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I Love Forgiveness
 Founder Pat Crosby, is our very special guest today. Pat's mission is to spread the Power of Forgiveness to as many people as fast as possible. Pat has wonderful knowledge to share with us all on so much! Pat will lead us all through a Forgiveness Meditation on today's show as well as share on as much of the following as possible:
* Description of the intergalactic cosmic portal of Lake Titicaca, Peru

* Message of the Portal for Lightworkers and Healers at this time

* Meeting the ForGIVEness Guides - being called to the Portal. Increasing frequency and initiation pathways.

* Receiving energetic empowerment to free old energies through ForGIVEness for the Shift of the Ages that is upon us as per the 2012 and ancient prophecies.

* Relevance of Light Codes to this ascension journey - advanced level of discussion topic.

* Archangel Michael connection for protection, guidance, and assimilation of new energies.

* Integrating new energies and frequencies physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually...and so much more!

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dear Hearts,

Today in Peru, at Lake Titicaca, I spent in Shamanic clearing..... an expected result of the all the incredible energies I have downloaded the last few days here in this doorway of planetary light flooding the planet.

I thank each of you who are participating in spreading this radiance around the planet in its highest vibration of unconditional love and healing to elevate our planet.

My one quick report from the field, is that EACH of us, to be purveyors of love and light and healing, MUST continue to clear our human templates of the drudge of ill-will, hatred, suspicion, judgment, etc, etc.

So many modalities have been streamed onto this planet in the past few decades... such as EMF (Emotional Freedom Technique) and such.

Whenever we catch ourselves caught up in an old reflex of anything other than unconditional love, it is a MOMENT TO HEAL by just turning inward and asking the universe for the tools and help to come to each of us to clear the accumulated soot of planetary garbage out of our hearts, minds, systems.

Though this healing, we can each become stronger vessels for the flooding streams of light to penetrate through the clouds of smog on this planet, and create the new golden age of love and peace we are all working to co-create.


Pat Crosby

Humanity is caught up in the mass consciousness belief system of the third/fourth dimensions
whereby the core issues from the past and the imperfections within your ancestral DNA will cause these symptoms to manifest if you allow yourself to
feel unloved, unworthy, or feel guilt, shame or resentment in any form. 

All these negative energies are a result of deep core memories from your ancient past rising to the surface so you can release them once and for all. 

Every dear soul, in varying ways and degrees, has been ostracized, tortured and even killed in numerous lifetimes. However, it is time to heal those painful
memories of the past and with our help it is possible to do so. 

Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman, April 2008

Lake Titicaca Satellite View

Additional Information on Sacred Journeys and Quests:

Peru Sacred Power Points Video - gives some background and energy for the conversation.

1st trip to Peru - meeting the guides, receiving the ForGIVEness Meditation

2nd trip to Peru - receiving the light codes, integrating the energies to a deeper level


Additional Areas of Conversation - Not limited to only these! - Not in any particular order. 

How Pat was called to the portal.

Discussion of Peru Energetically.

Description of Lake Titicaca Portal - energetically. Multi-dimensional aspect. Other portals, planetary grid.

Lake Titicaca - we can talk about the portal.

Light Codes of Lake Titicaca.

Live ForGIVEness Meditation - Pat
will read from booklet to demonstrate how easy it is for anyone to do the ForGIVEness Meditation anywhere, anytime - invoking divine assistance.

ForGIVEness Meditation Audio on the website for subscribers (no cost).

Questions from Chat Participants. (No charge to sign up at

Macchu Picchu, Sacred Valley,

Why Sacred Journeys are Important.

How I was called to work with Archangel Michael and how he invited himself into this project. (Pat accepted his invitation - of course!)

Chakra Course with AA Michael emphasizing forgiveness.

The Sacred Geometry of ForGIVEness



Doorway to Unconditional Love