Monday, August 22, 2011

Live Online ForGIVEness Chakra Clearing Webshop with Pat Crosby Tonight ~ No Charge ~ 9:00 PM ET ~ Global Access + Replay Available

Update ~

8 Chakra Course now available to purchase online at introductory price


Dear Friends,

Isn't the world clearing rapidly now?  Daily headlines of the old being uprooted full steam ahead ~ creating space for new creations.

The amount and rate of the clearings can seem overwhelming and chaotic ~ as indeed they are ~ as the time lines are moving faster and faster as we race towards the goal of cleaning up our past mis-creations to make space to incorporate all the new fresh energies crowding upon our planet.

The macrocosm reflects what is going on inside us  ~ our microcosm world.

Tonight's no~charge gift webinar live on The Angel Heart Radio Network ~ and available for listening later on replay ~ will be a live interactive chakra clearing, healing, and empowerment workshop.

This workshop features a series of chakra clearing forgiveness exercises overlit by Archangel Michael and the Angels of ForGIVEness ~ also known as the Light Guides of Lake Titicaca in Peru.

Led by author and spiritual site traveler Pat Crosby, we will go chakra by chakra ~ bringing up issues that are ready to be cleared and prepared for upgrading to new higher frequency energies.  Pat brings to the table the presences of angelic guides and helpers - who will work with your own guides and friends of light to help you fulfil healing intentions you set for yourself.

The Angel Heart Radio Network program is hosted by the warm and loving presence of angelic friend Anayah Joi Holily who will be conducting live interaction with the chat room and the telephone callers as she hosts the program.

This is your opportunity to get your questions answered about the chakras and participate in a live global healing. 

Even if you cannot attend live, please send your healing intentions and energies to help all of us clear and make more room for light and love as we enter the dawn of the new days on planet earth.

The freshly completed 8 Chakra Home-Study Course will also be introduced on this program. It is a 29 week self-study learning, clearing, and empowering e-course that was recently completed live with the first round of participants. This course was created at the inspiration of Archangel Michael and the invitation of Archangel Messenger Ronna Herman. The author of this course, Pat Crosby, is a Certified Teacher with Ronna Herman's Quest for Mastery mystery school.

Included are 8 full audio lessons several chakra empowerment audios including channeled meditations from Archangel Michael specifically for chakra healing and empowerment, 45 highly selected youtube video meditations on the chakras featuring the masters of many traditions, and email conversations with those taking the first offering of the course on how they were able to clear many deep-seated emotional and karmic issues as their spiritual understanding unfolded and grew during the course. There are comprehensive articles and study material to guide and illuminate comprehension of each chakra.  

(IF you wish to receive email notification about this course as soon as it is uploaded ~ probably later today, enter your email at )

On the live webcast tonight, we will be going through some of the basic issues of each chakra and doing a clearing forgiveness meditation on these issues.  This is a guided meditation clearing and healing.

We invite conversation and discussion with listeners through chat and live phone call-in on their experiences with these clearing exercises.

Angels to the Rescue - sharing stories about how the angels guide humanity
to greater divine awareness and personal development. Pat Crosby with host
Anayah Joi Holily of Angel Heart Radio Network


Pat Crosby