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ForGIVEness News - Mother's Day Weekend Edition. Many New Things For You.

A Persian poet in the 12th century, Hafiz, who absolutely loved God, wrote incredible poetry.I was reading some of his poetry recently and one line just absolutely jumped off the page. I want to offer it to you.
"Forgiveness is all the cash you’ll ever need."
Wow. What a great line. Just think about that for a moment. Forgiveness is the cash we need that opens the door of our mind and heart to the experience of abundance. Forgiveness opens us to the abundance of ideas, love, and the power and the comfort and the grace of God.
God’s presence is right here and now for every one of us if only we can open to it. Forgiveness is all the cash you will ever need.
So, let us bring that to mind and bring it to heart today. Let's open our hearts to the abundance and the power and the wonder that is God’s gift to us when we open to forgiveness.
Many Blessings,


Thanks to our ForGIVEness list member Marge from Charlottesville, Virginia for sending in this beautiful and timely message.


In the US, we celebrate Mothers' Day this weekend ~honor the mothers who gave birth to us.

Now that my own Mom is on the other side of the veil, I think often of her, the gifts she gave me, and am coming to appreciate more and more with each passing year the important soul lessons we shared and taught with each other during our earth time together. 

I had long deep soulful conversations with her on the days after she passed as she was doing her life review from the other side - that answered many questions about our earth time together as mother-daughter.  She also bestowed on me at that time her blessings for my work - which she said she could not understand while she was still alive.  That was such a healing time and healing round of conversations during the Christmas holidays of that year.

Here is a page I put up to document the process of my Mom passing over... perhaps you will find something of comfort and support here for your journey.

Our relationship to our Mom's is primal and perhaps the most important human one in our lives.  As you remember various incidents and memories, joys  and regrets  of your Mom relationship - whether you knew her or not - you can use the ForGIVEness Meditation to release, transform, accelerate your understanding of this vital self-imaging relationship.

Reminder, the free ForGIVEness Meditation is available to all subscribers at

The meditation comes on the email following your signup.


Happy Mother's Day

 Song for Mothers 

New Chakra Empowerment Series now online.
Clearing and empowering guided meditations from our special group of Angels who overlight our ForGIVEness mission.
This group now includes Archangel Michael, the ForGIVEness Angels, and our individual and guardian Angels.

Details and sound sample at our new
Angel Wisdom Shoppe


NEW EXPANDED 2ND EDITION OF The little Book of ForGIVEness
is now ready for printing.

Due to donations, we can now afford to print another edition of The little Book of ForGIVEness.

I have diligently been readying the new expanded version for the printer over the past few weeks.  I can only say, and the early reviewers concur, the 2nd Edition is a visual  stunner! 

 Photos, graphics! Full Color. 

 Still easy read Big Print - suitable for children, older folks, English as 2nd language, and everyone else!

New Prominent Endorsements.

New section on how to have a local ForGIVEness Circle to empower people where they're at.

Special thanks to Weldon Miles from Arkansas for being the FIRST special human angel to donate to our Book Give-Away program.  Weldon, your generosity will reach out and touch many more lives.  Thank you!  

Our vision and guidance is to GIVE these booklets out to groups for personal development, healing and clearing.

And stopping the vicious cycles of revenge that our destroying people and our planet.

As so many people are in emergency mode these days, we want to get out the message of ForGIVEness to as many people as possible ASAP.

Please help us.

We currently have a waiting list of groups waiting to receive their free group copies.

If you would like to RECEIVE and/or DONATE to this BOOK GIVEAWAY project, see
Make a gift in honor of your Mom or other special loved one this weekend if you like.

CARL BIG HEART, who gave sweat lodges for years at our HEALING CENTER IN NY   for several years, offered a very kind and generous endorsement for our project.  Carl currently teaches at the Omega Institute - among other places.

When Carl returns from his current European tour, he has promised to sit down and do an indepth audio interview on ForGIVEness from his perspective as a medicine keeper.  I can hardly wait to tap into Carl's wisdom.  

He truly is a  loving Big Heart.  And he has walked the journey of ForGIVEness in depth ~ powerfully.
Carl led peace marches  through war and troubled zones in Ireland, and Bosnia during the violent times there in recent history.

"My Friend, Pat Crosby, has it exactly right ~ the setting, the dynamic whole ~ ForGIVING is giving and receiving in motion. ForGIVING is a powerful doorway into Truth."

Carl Big Heart

we have been awarded AWESOME PROJECT STATUS by our new Shopping Cart provider.. award winning E-Junkie.
  Details at
We also offer a revenue sharing affiliate program through E-Junkie to reward you or your organization for spreading the message of ForGIVEness.
See bottom of each product offering on E-junkie to learn more and enroll.

Do you have skills and a desire to be of service?
Does ForGIVEness resonate in your heart and soul?

You can offer a little or a lot.

* To co-ordinate our new  ForGIVEness Circle program, empowering groups everywhere.
* To spread word of our project through social media and news networks.
* Pro-Bono work to set up our non-profit foundation.
* Outreach to query organizations to receive free copies of The little Book of ForGIVEness
* Volunteers or commission-based person to reach out to corporations and foundations for funding of our printing/distribution costs.
*Sound person to edit our raw audio files.
* Web Help - putting forms and content on our site.
*Proofreaders and Editors - books and articles are in the making.
* Translators to different languages.
*Project Coordinators.

*We are also searching for Advisory Board Members to guide and advise our project.



The Angels of ForGIVEness and Archangel Michael want me to offer a
 ForGIVEness retreat on 
SATURDAY MAY 29, 2010 
in Hurleyville, NY at the

Archangel Michael has recently become involved in our project.
He is truly an Angel of Action and Manifestation!

  As always, the Guides and Angels will direct the program, and it will be tailored to whomever feels called to come. 

We will do extended  work on releasing, letting go, contacting your spirit guides, and being empowered with the latest frequencies and energies entering the planet at this time.

The guides will take each participant to the next best level for each person in these facilitated group sessions.

For Beginning and Experienced ForGIVERS.

Abundance Exchange suggested is $125 for the Saturday group sessions.  Sliding scale is available.
We will do an afternoon session and an evening session on Saturday.

Meals are potluck shared vegetarian.

Overnight accommodations are available at our retreat house for an extra offering.

Weather permitting, we can have a bonfire at our fire pit - and have a ceremonial burning of old karmas, memories, impressions, and general old useless hindering stuff.

Free Personal Retreat
And/or extra fee optional classes or individual sessions.

Sunday will be time for individual sessions,  hanging out, enjoying the country, personal retreat  and/or and being with other like-minded spiritual people, and group healing sessions if you like with the other participants. Make the day as you like.

This is an opportunity to have a SPIRITUAL HOLIDAY WEEKEND in the
magnificent and beautiful Catksill Mountains of New York

If there is sufficient demand, we could do a Raindrop Aromatherapy Training on Sunday.
Let me know if you would like this extra class.
I can email you the info on the Raindrop class if you are interested.

The guides have suggested to me this week that the Universal Healing Center might serve as a residential retreat, long or short term for lightworkers and healers. 

Hmmm... this is new to me.

Many people are seeking to create community and sustainable living these days with like-minded people.  These 22 room great house has served many groups over the past.

If this idea reverberates with you, let me know, and we will see where this project could go.

I Hold YOU in the Creator's Light!

Pat Crosby

845.434.3829 US voicemail

ForGIVEness ~ Untangling and unsnarling of  our own old twisted patterns, blocks and knots that keep us from moving forward into our birthright of light and love.  Releasing and letting go of old past imprints and patterns that do not serve us.


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