Monday, May 31, 2010

ForGIVENess - Value of Trauma in Soul Growth

"Take responsibility for your actions and forgive the actions of others towards you that you have perceived as being negative.

"Forgiveness My Beloveds does not mean that you condone or accept the negative actions of others. It simply means that you accept that the action occurred and you are intending to release the hurt, emotions and feelings that are creating pain in your cell tissues an energy fields. The learning will stay within your memory fields forever but the emotional trauma is then released so that it can be cleared and healed.

"Forgiveness also My Beloveds keeps the lesson from having to be repeated over and over again. When you release the pain through forgiveness it is not constantly coming back up in your awareness. It is  that repeated loop of negative/trauma itself that keep replaying bringing this back up over and over again. This constant loop keeps that negative/trauma in your awareness until it is neutralized, so to speak with forgiveness. That which you fear My Beloveds you draw near.

"These are contracted experiences that you scripted for yourself My Beautiful Beings Of Light. Yes the most joyous moments, the in-between moments and the blackest of moments you scripted for yourself My Beloveds. Once the script was completed My Beloveds you then enlisted those your held closest, and dearest within your Spiritual Families and Acquaintances and yes even loved the most to play some of the most horrid of characters in your life play. Those you loved the most could be trusted to carry out their roles of betray, hurt and deceit to the farthest degree possible because they loved you enough to do it for you, because you asked them to play those roles. 

"If you can remember and accept that you requested these experiences so much more insight and knowing would surface within your awareness for your understanding. Your information My Beloveds is on a need to know basis from the Universe. Until the Universe deems that you are ready for the revelations they will not surface from your memory banks or though Divine Guidance My Beloveds...."

Excerpted from June 2010 Newsletter of Carolyn Ann O'Riley

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