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Heart Attacks Related to Emotional Pain

The Heart’s a Lonely Hunter

By Lynne McTaggart
June 19th, 2009
I was fascinated by material my husband Bryan Hubbard wrote about in our current issue of What Doctors Don’t Tell You (website:  Bryan was attempting to answer why heart disease is still the number 1 killer in the West.  In the US alone, every 37 seconds, someone’s heart fatally packs up.
What Bryan found was nothing short of revelatory: namely, in fingering cholesterol as the bad guy in heart disease, medicine essentially is taking aim at the cavalry.
Far from being the enemy, cholesterol appears to be the body’s chief means of eleventh-hour cardiovascular repair. It also is essential for keeping the brain sharp, which is why people taking statins often suffer cognitive deficiencies and even staggering memory loss.
So why do people have heart attacks in the West? Susan Sontag once famously said, ‘illness is metaphor’.  I’ve been thinking about heart disease a good deal lately, and I grow more and more convinced that heart disease is chiefly a disease of emotional pain.
Dying of a broken heart
Lately scientists have been intrigued by a phenomenon called ‘broken heart syndrome’, where an emotional upset, such as the loss of a loved one, causes dysfunction in the ventricular chamber and heart failure in people without previous heart disease. Researchers at Johns Hopkins found that women with this syndrome, which often brought on heart failure, had none of the usual predisposing factors of heart disease.  What they’d suffered was purely psychological — the divorce or the death of a loved one.
Nevertheless, the bereavement or sadness had released such toxic levels of stress hormones, particularly adrenalin,that these had ‘stunned’ the heart, literally causing it to break.
Every so-called lifestyle risk factor laid at the door of cardiovascular illness by the medical community has less to do with someone having a heart attack than simple loneliness.
The role of social ties in heart disease was highlighted in a famous study by S. Leonard Syme, a sociologist at the University of California at Berkeley School of Public Health.  Syme has made it his lifetime study to examine what’s usually called ‘social capital’ in societies.
Social capital measures the strength of any given area’s social fabric:  the trust between citizens, the level of reciprocal behavior, the number of associations and groups.
Syme was fascinated by the fact that even though the Japanese smoke like chimneys, they have very low heart disease in Japan.  Once they move to America, however, their heart disease escalates, although it is lower than American white — even if they quit smoking.
So he decided to compare the heart attack rates in Japanese Americans in Hawaii and smoke-free California with those of the Japanese in their native land.
He discovered a clear upward graph:  the lowest statistics in Japan, higher in Hawaii and higher still in California.  None of the usual risk factors like smoking or higher cholesterol made any difference to the mortality statistics.
The only thing that made any difference was the strength of social ties – the social capital.  In Japan and to a slightly lesser extent Hawaii, the Japanese maintained their close social and familial bonds.  In California, however, once they abandoned those ways to Western lifestyle, they started dropping like flies.
Diets make no difference
In some native populations, heart disease is a rarity even when the inhabitants adopt Western diets.  For instance, a group of researchers studying the native populations of the Solomon Islands found that they had no coronary heart disease or high blood pressure even after they’d adopted Western diets and religious practices. This puzzled the researchers until they discovered one area that had remained constant:  the social ties and roles within the family. 
The role of social ties in heart disease was highlighted in a study in Nevada versus those of Utah.  They are neighboring states, their ethnic mix is similar, they both have similarly high education statistics, and to all appearances, Nevada is the more successful state, with 15 -20 per cent higher income.
Nevertheless, their statistics on mortality from heart attack were on opposite ends of the spectrum. Nevada had one of the highest death rates in the country, while Utah had one of the lowest.
The primary difference between the two states was the stability of the social structure and close-knit families in predominantly Mormon Utah, compared with the high degree of broken and dysfunctional family life in Nevada.  It was the weakening of the social fabric, concluded the researchers, that had mostly to do with the difference in mortality.
Rather than worrying about your cholesterol levels, your doctor should be more concerned about the most important diagnostic test of all: the state of your friendships.
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Pat Crosby

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Does The Butterfly Keep Its Old Cocoon?

Dear Friend, In HONOR of Lynn Rothfuss birthday today, I would like to offer TWO wonderful recordings.

And a few great photos!
Lynn kindly visited my new house this week - and helped me downsize, organize, and rightsize - sort out the past, arrange the present moment, and open space for future blessings.

As well as feed me, dazzle me with her gifts of organizing, and rock my world to a newly enlarged space for creativity to blossom forth.
This adventure was a true spiritual and friendship unfolding that opened our hearts and minds another few degrees.

After a day of organizing, arranging, and a good meal, Lynn and I conversed about the power of removing old energies from life - old energies anchored in by keeping physical objects around (furniture, mementos, pictures, etc. ) that no longer serve, enhance, and energize the current version of who we are today and who we are becoming.
Since we are all evolving constantly these days, the items we keep around us must reflect our emerging self of today. Does the Butterfly keep its old cocoon it emerged out of - for sentimentality? For old tymes sake? As Lynn and I shared our adventure, I was quite astonished at the energetic and spiritual principles involved in shifting the items in the space we inhabit physically, the emotional burdens that release when we re-cycle items to those who can now use them, the grief that accompanies letting old things go, and the new energy that floods into the vacuum created by uncluttering space. Who would have thought how much right-sizing has to do with forgiveness?

I told Lynn she should offer this service to others... not sure if she will, but you can try your luck and contact her. She gives organizing with LOTS of hand-holding deluxe service, love-cooked goodies, and spiritual insights
Enjoy this conversation of exhilaration!


PS: The recipients of MY old items are THRILLED with their NEW items! Win Win WIn :)))
You will hear this story on the above audio!
***** Then, on the Oprah website, I stumbled upon this wonderful conversation about living in our re-newing present selves, being authentic with each other a spiritual practicing lifestyle, and emerging from our old-energy programming into our more powerful, more present relational selves.

This conversation certainly touches on the power of uncluttering the old who-we-used-to-be to make room for our newly emerging empowered authentic selves - as Oprah and her illuminated guests share their greatest spiritual ahas and breakthroughs. Surprise! In living everyday life.

Thank you, Lynn Rothfuss, for sharing your great gifts and for agreeing to be birthed on this planet, and staying here to hand hold with love on our emerging journeys of self-discovery and mutual empowerment.

Today, we celebrate YOU, Lynn Rothfuss, and YOUR Gifts!


In Appreciation,

Your Friend,

Pat Crosby

By Pat Crosby

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"The purpose of life is to be restored back to Love, moment by moment....

 Here's a lovely messaged emailed over today by Maia Millaka.

Thank you for the reminder, Maia!  It's the heart of our forgiveness work.

 "The purpose of life is to be restored back to Love, moment by moment.
To fulfill  this purpose, the individual must acknowledge that he is 100 percent responsible for creating his life the way it is. He must come to see that it is his thoughts that create his life the way  it is moment to moment. The problems are not people, places and situations but rather the thoughts of them. He must come  to appreciate that there is no such thing as 'out there."

- Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, founder of Self-Identity Through Ho'onopono
By Pat Crosby
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Saturday, June 13, 2009

How & Why to do Radiant Golden Prana Particle Breathing for ForGIVEness - Preparing for the shift and frequency changes on our planet now.

Hello Friends,

I hope this post finds you well, and blossoming with the power of ForGIVEness.

In the guided meditation audio that came to you when you first subscribed to this site, you learned how to breathe in radiant golden prana particles - to help you and the Angels of ForGIVEness dissolve old hurts, judgements, illnesses, pains, blocks in your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual being.

Here is a special reminder to you to ramp up - or begin anew - the beautiful Radiant Golden Prana Particle Breathing.

Feel free to pass on this gift to those you care about.... it's easy. Just forward this email to them :)

Love & Blessings,

Pat Crosby - with the Angels of ForGIVENess


By Pat Crosby

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RADIANT GOLDEN PRANA PARTICLE BREATHING is an essential survival skill for the current planetary changes - the shift currently underway.

Photons are compact light particles that radiate and hold a very high frequency - a frequency that is above the current and historical norm of human beings and mass society consciousness.

Consciously breathing radiant golden photons prepares you to adapt and mutate to the on-coming shift in consciousness and the shifting of energies of our planet and solar system.

NASA defines:: "photon
The smallest (quantum) unit of light/electromagnetic energy. Photons are generally regarded as particles with zero mass and no electric charge."

Every turn of the cosmic cycles -about 26,000 years - our planet intersects with a high frequency band of radiant golden particles - called the photon belt. Just like suddenly going to a very high altitude can put extreme stress on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual systems, and even lead to death in extreme cases, so it is with the photon particle belt intersection with our human bodies.

These radiant light particles emit a very high frequency that can literally be like a sudden shift in altitude.

Preparing for this frequency shift will definitely make the process - the journey - easier, more enjoyable, more pleasant, and a rewarding and fun experience to look forward to. Just as taking sea-sickness pills before going out on an new ocean voyage can stave off some most unpleasant experiences of sea sickness, so can practicing photon golden particle conscious breathing enable you to weather the vagaries of the frequency shift.and attending changes, more easily, and with greater expectation of fun and excitement in watching all the changes unfold.

Like most breathing exercises, Radiant Golden Prana Breathing also:
1. Relaxes you.
2. Calms your nerves.
3. Oxygenates your cells.
4. Promotes self-healing physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Additionally & Uniquely, Radiant Golden Prana Breathing also:
1. Re-calibrates your energy field.
2. Attunes you to the cosmic shift of intersecting with the photon band.
3. Builds up your endurance to vibrate with the increasing new frequencies of the shifting times gradually and more comfortably.

Here is how to do Radiant Golden Prana Breathing:

1. Imagine a cloud or swarm of radiant shining golden particles over your head.

2. Breathe these particles into the top of your head - your crown chakra.

3. On a subsequent breath, breathe the shining radiant golden particles into your 3rd eye, or Ajna (Brow) Chakra.

4. Next, breathe them into your thymus area - where you thump your chest when playing "gorilla".

5. Then, breathe the radiant golden particles into the center of your chest - the heart chakra.

6. On subsequent breaths, breath the golden particles and circulate them throughout your whole body - and especially to any area or organ or gland where you have a pain, condition, or a feeling that something is not right or low in energy. You can steer the radiant golden particles into all your different organs to cleanse, heal, and energize them - similarly as is done in different Qu Gong and eastern medical and meditative schools.

7. Begin to allow the golden prana particles to shine out through your heart chakra - while breathing OUT through your mouth.

8. Over time, gradually, work up to 50 times/day doing the radiant golden prana particle breathing.

TIPS to establish a Radiant Golden Particle Breathing practice:

1. Take lots of time building up this breathing "muscle". The changes are very subtle, yet also very powerful.

2. You can spread out the breathing into many single or short groups of breaths whenever it is convenient for you and whenever you remember.

3. Some favorite times that many people like are:

* When you wake up.
* Before bed.
* Waiting for a red light.
* Standing in line someplace.
* Walking.
* On the phone.
* Walking the dog.

Extra Credit Benefits:

1. Breathing in these radiant golden particles, and circulating them throughout your body, and letting them come out your heart (even if you think you are just imagining doing this - it works just fine) allows these photon belt particles and the human energy systems to harmonize and work together cooperatively to adjust to changes.

2. You will become more mellow and easy-flowing with all the rapid changes going on around us. Most reporters of the shift of the ages tell us it is going to go faster and faster. Most of us already feel this rapid change rate already.

Starting this Radiant Golden Particle Breathing practice now will get you in shape for the accelerating rates of change. That means you will be more comfortable. You will also become a source of comfort to loved ones, friends, family members as well as strangers - as you are not too stressed out or surprised by all the rate of change. You will be emitting, even unconsciously, calm uplifting radiations, instead of stressed out, freaked out, fear-based jagged energy jolts. Your very presence will be uplifting, calming, and re-assuring.

Do this simple breathing practice at your own rate of speed. You may or may not feel or notice any sensations. It doesn't matter if you do or don't. It also doesn't matter if you notice of see anything. You can simply IMAGINE the above exercise, and it will work.

This exercise draws the subtle energy of the photon particle frequency into your human systems - physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. Your systems then begin a recalibration - a re-alignment - to the higher frequencies that these particles carry.

You can use this Radiant Golden Breathing in many ways. One of the most powerful is to let old energetic patterns slip away. One such pattern is holding grudges, hurts, resentments, feeling victimized, etc.

You can listen to a free audio recording guiding you through the Radiant Golden Particle Breathing and its application to letting go of old stuck energy patterns (forgiveness) at

Go ahead --- GIVE yourself a great treat, rest, and energy boost by listening to this free recording. You can listen to and download the audio file after entering your name and email.

You can also pass on the link to others you care about that you think would benefit from learning about the ease and comfort of practicing Radiant Golden Prana Particle Breathing.

You can even download a small booklet (for a small donation) that explains a little more about Radiant Golden Breathing and includes a written version of the technique.

Happy Ascension!

Pat Crosby


About the Photon Belt

Russian Scientific Research on Photon Belt

What is a photon?

MORE about the photon belt and spiritual evolution


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Ghandi quote - an eye for an eye....the whole world blind....

Explain this Gandhi quote "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind."?

or these....... " Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony." "Victory attained by violence is tantamount to a defeat, for it is momentary." " Permanent good can never be the outcome of untruth and violence." it would really help me out. THANKS

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simply,he's stating that revenge is not a great to resolve a eye for an eye,is what people tend to refer to as the code for vengeance......kill me,and tomorrow'you'll die....just imagine,if revenge is being practised all around the globe,then the world would no longer be a safe place for anything or anyone to live in.....its the current phenomenon actually,wars are breaking everyday.....lives are killed in each second that passes.....and for each of those lives.......another lives would have to be killed,just in the name of being fair.....when would all these violence stop,let our child sleep in peace......i leave the rest to you.........

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