Thursday, June 18, 2009

Does The Butterfly Keep Its Old Cocoon?

Dear Friend, In HONOR of Lynn Rothfuss birthday today, I would like to offer TWO wonderful recordings.

And a few great photos!
Lynn kindly visited my new house this week - and helped me downsize, organize, and rightsize - sort out the past, arrange the present moment, and open space for future blessings.

As well as feed me, dazzle me with her gifts of organizing, and rock my world to a newly enlarged space for creativity to blossom forth.
This adventure was a true spiritual and friendship unfolding that opened our hearts and minds another few degrees.

After a day of organizing, arranging, and a good meal, Lynn and I conversed about the power of removing old energies from life - old energies anchored in by keeping physical objects around (furniture, mementos, pictures, etc. ) that no longer serve, enhance, and energize the current version of who we are today and who we are becoming.
Since we are all evolving constantly these days, the items we keep around us must reflect our emerging self of today. Does the Butterfly keep its old cocoon it emerged out of - for sentimentality? For old tymes sake? As Lynn and I shared our adventure, I was quite astonished at the energetic and spiritual principles involved in shifting the items in the space we inhabit physically, the emotional burdens that release when we re-cycle items to those who can now use them, the grief that accompanies letting old things go, and the new energy that floods into the vacuum created by uncluttering space. Who would have thought how much right-sizing has to do with forgiveness?

I told Lynn she should offer this service to others... not sure if she will, but you can try your luck and contact her. She gives organizing with LOTS of hand-holding deluxe service, love-cooked goodies, and spiritual insights
Enjoy this conversation of exhilaration!


PS: The recipients of MY old items are THRILLED with their NEW items! Win Win WIn :)))
You will hear this story on the above audio!
***** Then, on the Oprah website, I stumbled upon this wonderful conversation about living in our re-newing present selves, being authentic with each other a spiritual practicing lifestyle, and emerging from our old-energy programming into our more powerful, more present relational selves.

This conversation certainly touches on the power of uncluttering the old who-we-used-to-be to make room for our newly emerging empowered authentic selves - as Oprah and her illuminated guests share their greatest spiritual ahas and breakthroughs. Surprise! In living everyday life.

Thank you, Lynn Rothfuss, for sharing your great gifts and for agreeing to be birthed on this planet, and staying here to hand hold with love on our emerging journeys of self-discovery and mutual empowerment.

Today, we celebrate YOU, Lynn Rothfuss, and YOUR Gifts!


In Appreciation,

Your Friend,

Pat Crosby

By Pat Crosby

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