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H'oponopono ~ ForGIVEness ~ Aunty Mahealani interviewed by Pat Crosby. Hawaiian Elder and Lineage Holder

Ho'pono'pono ~ ForGIVEness
In-depth Soul Searching Audio Interview with Hawaiian Elder and lineage holder Aunty Mahealani

Mahealani Kuamo'o-Henry, Kumu 'Elele o Na Kupuna

 Shares the traditions about her culture and Aloha Spiritual values of Love, Joy and Truthfulness.

Interviewed by Pat Crosby


Recorded February 2010
Live from The Big Island of Hawaii

*  Aunty's Lineage and Grandfather
*  How she talks to her ancestors and conveys their messages
*  Early Childhood experiences of being recognized and trained as a lineage holder
*  The sacredness of her land and the protection of Goddess Pele - of Fire
*  Living in peace and harmony downhill from the volcanol while the hot lava flows in their direction
*  Holding on to the indigenous tradition during the missionary period of repression
*  "Group Therapy" at home - the Bowl of Light tradition as taught by her Grandfather - no guilt here!
*  Stories of those who had "changed address" - ie gone home to the light
*  Her work in sharing the wisdom of her tradition as a world teacher and elder
*  Experiences in Australia and at the Gathering of Grandmothers
*  Q & A submitted by subscribers at
*  Violence in the Avatar movie.  Do we still need it?  Time for a new paradigm without violence?

"Aunty is a ninth generation native Hawaiian Elder from Puna on the Big Island of Hawaii. She is dedicated to showing others how to live in the aloha spirit of love, joy and truthfulness.

She is a Kumu 'Elele O Na Kupuna (teacher and messenger for the spiritual voices of the Ancestors) within the strong lineage of Kumus, Kahus, and Kahunas (spiritual teachers, shamans, healers and guardians).

Aunty is guided by her ancestral grandfather "Kaiwikuamo'okekuaokalani" which translates as the "backbone strength of the heavenly chiefs."

 She ran workshops on "aloha spirituality" in Hawaii, Japan and Australia."

Update Dec 25, 2021
She passed over - changed her address in 2021.

We are lucky to have this extended recording of her wisdom told in her own very special way - with much joy and aloha.

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An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a limb for a limb makes the whole world blind, dumb, and lame.

Forgive NOW. 


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By Pat Crosby


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