Saturday, May 21, 2016

How Why Forgive Violent Abusive Father - Dr Eugene Callender Video YouTube

How can you forgive a violent abusive parent (father)? WHY should you forgive? Dr Eugene Callender tells of his violent father beatings during childhood - and how he came to grips with this violence - and how he was able to let it go before his father died and make peace.

Dr Callender was a beloved minister in Harlem, NY. He served 5 US presidents as adviser. He was on the New York state parole board, and a Commissioner for the Aging. His church in New York City was a stronghold of love and support in his community. He marched with Martin Luther King in violent marches. Later he founded a program for Harlem street youth that had outstanding results. He starred in NBC's ground-breaking Positively Black.

Interview by Pat Crosby

 “My book is our story, America, and my experiences are simply a catalyst to reveal that we are never alone and without hope with God,” he says.


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