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Weekend Workshops: Preparing for the Age of Transition with ForGIVEness 12-12. Summary of Mayan & Hopi Prophecy

Weekend Workshops: Preparing for the Age of Transition with ForGIVEness 12-12

Weekend Workshops: Preparing for the Age of Transition with ForGIVEness...12/21/12

(Summary of Mayan and Hopi Prophecy)


Tonight is the incredible full moon of the 12:12.

It is a full moon of honoring our completions, and a time for preparing for the next phase of new beginnings ~ which are ready to take off right around the corner from now.

Saturday's energies bring in a great wave of fresh energy that will promote and magnify the results of our intentions to forgive - to let go of the old gobbledy-gook and goo of past actions, thoughts, deeds, and remembrances ` freeing us up to move forward in greater clarity, trust, and confidence.

The ForGIVEness workshops of this full-moon weekend are designed to help you:

1. Learn to work with the incoming energies of the photon belt, as our planet shifts into a higher operating frequency. The science and art of breathing and consciously healing with photon particles is essential to integrating into the rapidly emerging energies of the photon belt - as they intersect with our planet earth - and with our human systems of emotions, intellect, health & balance, and our spiritual expansion and awareness.

2. Give you conscious access and hook up to some powerful spirit friends - some times called angels - who have specifically come into human awareness at this time to be of service to humanity and individual humans who request help on their journey of enlightenment, and releasing old patterns and energies so as to be freer and freer, lighter and lighter, to shift more easily and fluidly into the rapidly emerging times.

3. Give you conscious awareness of your journey and where you are in your individual pathway.

4. Give you take-home energetic tools and a specific releasing, letting-go meditation you can do any moment (while waiting for a red lite in your car, for instance) or during formal meditation to help you align and shift with the new energies coming onto the earth plane at this time.

5. Give you the clarity, certainty, direction, confidence and validation you need at this time to go with the flow of the incoming energies.

6. Give you resources, and a follow up online support group as the shift continues to unfold and we dance to the new changes that are coming in hourly.

7. Allow you to have fun and joyousness in this divine acceleration process - and connect with like-minded seekers (and finders).

8. Give you a framework of understanding to support your friends, clients, and loved ones (on either side of the veil) through these shifting times if you work with others as a teacher, facilitator, guide, and friend.

9. Give you tools to keep you in balance during the ever-increasing shift we are currently in.

This ForGIVEness workshop, led by spiritual traveler, healer, author Pat Crosby - based on her studies and sacred travels in various sacred sites and in Peru and the wonderful spirit guides she encountered there - is designed to give you the support, knowledge, tools, and confidence to continue joyfully and certainly in the unfolding times coming before us - while you learn to let go of the old knots and snarled entanglements we all carry within ourselves. Knots and entanglements created through our past words, deeds, thoughts, actions, relationships - knowingly, or most often, un-knowingly.

The workshop is offered in TWO LOCATIONS this weekend.

SATURDAY, DEC 13, Dillwyn, VA - The Metaphysical Center 1-4 PM - followed by a veggie pot luck

SUNDAY DEC 14, Charlottesville VA. Body-Mind-Spirit Center next to Integral Yoga store. 1-4 PM

Complete details are online at - WORKSHOP tab.


You will also have the opportunity at the workshops to purchase The little Book of ForGIVEness - an easy guide to the powerful photon meditation and the invocation of the Spirits of ForGIVEness to assist and be your on-call, on-demand friends from a higher realm during the upcoming times of rapid change. I think you will find them to be dear friends of sweetness and unconditional love that you will be glad to know and be acquainted with!

There are very few copies of this book in print available - and they are available in the print edition in full color on sturdy glossy paper, so you can use them to work wth the Guided Meditation on ForGIVEness and Golden Particle Photon Breathing after the workshop - either individually or in classes and groups.

These little books are discounted at the workshop and you can buy up to 3 to share with friends and loved ones as your heart so moves.

(There are just a few copies also available at Qwest Bookstore in Charlottesville, and at the Unity Church bookstore in Charlottesville Sunday morning - no quantity discount at these locations, though.)

You can access the ebook version online by clicking on the ORDER book TAB at It is more money online, however. And not as pretty as our printed full-color ones we have here :)

You can also access a free audio version of the ForGIVEness-Golden Particle Prana Photon Breathing by subscribing at
(You will not be inundated with spam and stuff if you do this option!)


This ForGIVEness Workshop is suitable for all levels of experience on the healing and spiritual journey. It is universal in energy principles, so it is applicable to any path or religious point of view, and also useful for those who choose no specific pathway.

The energies of the workshop and forgiveness meet each participant where they are at.... no more, no less.

It IS a journey of the heart ~ from one golden heart to another. We just have to clear away the debris to see, access and appreciate our own inner heart love ~ and that of others around us.

This workshop will help you CLEAR all the old clutter and junk from the golden pathway of your own heart ~ and give you tools to use forever after if you so choose.


These short afternoon workshops are each unique ~ and build upon and work with the frequencies and experience of those in attendance unique to each event. So it is OK to repeat the workshop as your heart so directs, as you will find each subsequent workshop quite different and elevating from each previous encounter with this work.


Although we have a suggested donation ($60 in advance $65 at the door), we also honor the individual situation and overall situation of the present moment for each soul who feels called by this message. If you feel called upon to do this work, please make a sliding scale donation as you can ~ knowing that what you receive is commensurate with what you give. (You may offer something useful other than money if that is your means at this time.) Similarly, couples and families may make an offering that makes it possible to attend if they could not otherwise.


This month of December, and the first few weeks of January 2009 are the ONLY times Pat Crosby will be in the Charlottesville area for several years ~ if at all. She is enroute to Peru for a month-long sacred journey there. After that, Pat will be remaining at her sanctuary in the Catkskill Mountains for an extended time. There is a small sustainable spiritual sanctuary forming on the sacred Golden Mountain there. Those interested may contact Pat directly to learn more.

If you feel a call to explore coming along on a sacred meditative journey to Peru , see the SACRED SITE JOURNEY tab at


If you have your own private group of around 10 or more souls who would like to do this work, just let Pat know, and we can book it.


May your own sacred journey to your own innermost shrine be filled with wonder, delight and amazement.

Pat Crosby


Summary of the Hopi and Mayan Prophecy: 12~21~12

1473 days, 6 hrs, 24 mins, 53 secs left for Age of Transition to begin!

"The Hopi and Mayan elders do not prophesy that everything will come to an end. Rather, this is a time of transition from one World Age into another. The message they give concerns our making a choice of how we enter the future ahead. Our moving through with either resistance or acceptance will determine whether the transition will happen with cataclysmic changes or gradual peace and tranquility. The same theme can be found reflected in the prophecies of many other Native American visionaries from Black Elk to Sun Bear." - Joseph Robert Jochmans
3rd Rare White Buffalo Born on Wisconsin Farm
Fri Nov 23 14:19:00 2007
The Mayan civilization of Central America was and is the most advanced in relation to time-science knowledge. Their main calendar is the most accurate on the planet. It has never erred. The Mayan fifth world finished in 1987. The sixth world starts in 2012. So we are currently "between worlds"
1. Humanity and Planet Earth are currently going through a huge change or shift in consciousness and reality perception... from an age of materialism to an age of spirituality.
2. The Mayan civilization of Central America was and is the most advanced in relation to time-science knowledge. Their main calendar is the most accurate on the planet. It has never erred. They actually have 22 calendars in total, covering the many timing cycles in the Universe and Solar System. Some of these calendars are yet to be revealed.
3. The Mayan fifth world finished in 1987. The sixth world starts in 2012. So we are currently "between worlds". This time is called the "Apocalypse" or revealing. This means the real truth will be revealed. It is also the time for us to work through "our stuff" individually and collectively.
4. The Mayan sixth world is actually blank. This means it is up to us, as co-creators, to start creating the new world and civilization we want now.
5. The Mayans also say that by 2012

* we will have gone beyond technology as we know it.
* we will have gone beyond time and money.
* we will have entered the fifth dimension after passing through the fourth dimension
* Planet Earth and the Solar System will come into galactic synchronization with the rest of the Universe.
* Our DNA will be "upgraded" (or reprogrammed) from the centre of our galaxy. (Hunab Ku)

Everybody on this planet is mutating. Some are more conscious of it than others. But everyone is doing it.
6. In 2012 the plane of our Solar System will line up exactly with the plane of our Galaxy, the Milky Way. This cycle has taken 26,000 years to complete. Virgil Armstrong also says that two other galaxies will line up with ours at the same time. A cosmic event!
7. Time is speeding up (or collapsing). For thousands of years the Schumann Resonance or pulse (heartbeat) of Earth has been 7.83 cycles per second, The military have used this as a very reliable reference. However, since 1980 this resonance has been slowly rising. It is now over 12 cycles per second! This means there is the equivalent of less than 16 hours per day instead of the old 24 hours.
8. During the Apocalypse or the time "between worlds" many people will be going through many personal changes. The changes will be many and varied. It is all part of what we came here to learn or experience. Examples of change could be- relationships coming to an end, change of residence or location, change of job or work, shift in attitude or thinking etc."

What is so special about the Mayan Calendar?

Pacal Votan's prophetic call is alerting present-day humanity that our biological process is transforming, approaching the culmination of a 26,000 year evolutionary program. Bringing the return of universal telepathy, heightened sense capacity, and self-reflective consciousness, this is a return to the sacred domain of our inner technology.

This grand cycle of evolution will culminate winter solstice, December 21, 2012 AD.

This time we are now in has been called "The Time of Trial on Earth," "Judgment Day," "The Time of Great Purification," "The End of this Creation," "The Quickening," "The End of Time as We Know It," "The Shift of the Ages." It is foretold that the completion of the Precession brings regeneration of Earth, offering awakening to all open, willing hearts. Many peoples spoke of these last days of the Great Cycle, including the: Maya, Hopi, Egyptians, Kabbalists, Essenes, Quero elders of Peru, Navajo, Cherokee, Apache, Iroquois confederacy, Dogon Tribe, and Aborigines.

This is a call or awakening to the truth of our oneness with each other no matter our race, color or nationality and our oneness with "Mother Earth". That we as humans should learn from the Great Sun that shines unconditionally on everyone and everything equally... that we, like the Sun, can shine unconditionally and treat everyone and everything with love and kindness... that we are all brothers and sisters... that the great Mother Earth must be treated with respect as it is apart of our own self.
This means giving all hatred, anger, resentment and negativity and aligning ourselves to the truth that within our heart we are all one with everything and everyone... that what we do to another, we do to ourselves.
This means that now is the time to understand by helping and serving others selflessly, we not uplift ourselves but help in the transition of the earth to higher, more harmonious, expanded consciousness of peace and unity.
This also means that those who do not give up their selfishness, greed and materialism will not only add to the massive earth changes but will bring great pain and suffering not to themselves but also to others.
Remember we always have the choice to act from kindness and love or from the ego... to think of others first and their happiness or to satisfy our own egoistic needs... to act from impatience and anger of to act from our higher Self which is love... to find happiness from within or to constantly seek satisfaction in people and things outside of ourselves.
The "Age of Transition" means that the earth is moving into a certain alignment within the solar system which means an opening or vortex will occur... this means that a new higher energy or awareness will flow through everyone and everything which will awaken us to our true nature as Spirit. This means we will be living in a New Earth as E. Tolle has spoken about.... Awakening to our true life's purpose thus a life of harmony and peace.
It seems that whether we realize it or not the earth is awakening to a higher vibration and is now cleansing itself in preparation for this transition.
We are moving from an age of materialism to an age of spirituality.

Let the work of the Spirits of ForGIVEness assist you in this process.

Pat Crosby

Voicemail 1.845.434.3829 US
SKYPE UniversalPat

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Guardian Angels & Spirit Guides - article by Tobias explaining them

Guardian Angels, Tobias

*Today's Guests*

In addition to one of our guests today – Carl Jung, coming in to observe
consciousness, how it moves, how it expands, how it shifts and changes – we
have another dear guest that I personally invited in on this day, one that
you probably don't know, probably never heard of, probably never will after
this Shoud. (laughter) This isn't a big name in the angelic realm, not an
archangel, just a regular, common angel. The angel's name is Chez. Chez.
Just a short nickname. Chez is neither male or female, but I'll reference
Chez today as feminine, because he/she has never been to Earth before, has
never taken on a physical body. Will be one of these years soon enough, but
right now Chez is in service, as many, many angelic beings are.

She operates very, very close to the Earth realms. She's gone through
considerable training of how to be a guardian angel, a spirit guide – some
of you have called this type of being. Most of the spirit guides have never
been to Earth before. Their job isn't to answer the questions. Their job
isn't to pave the path for you, because it would defeat the entire purpose
of your journey. But the job of one of these Human Angel Assistants – the
acronym being "HAA" – haa! (laughter) – Human Angel Assistants… (Tobias
reaches for a drink) We'll take the bubbly. (Linda says, "Oh, okay, there
you go. That's Coke though, that's not Pepsi. Are you okay with that?)
Tingles! (laughter)

The job of the Human Angel Assistants is to help to maintain a balance of
consciousness and energy, help to maintain what some of you have experienced
before in your work. We call it a golden cord, versus the silver cord that
would connect you to other dimensional parts of yourself. The golden cord is
something that the Human Angel Assistants help to maintain for the humans
who are on Earth so they don't get completely lost, so that there is always
the angelic presence surrounding them, so that they know that they are never
alone and that they are truly loved, because without the presence of a
guardian angel or angel assistant, for most humans, they would find it
excruciatingly difficult, dark and depressing. They would feel that they
have lost touch with everything – everything on a higher angelic realm. So
these Human Angel Assistants are trained in how to help maintain an
energetic space between the human, their divine, the angelic realms, and
what you would call a nonphysical reality.

You've all had them before. You've called them spirit guides or guardian
angels. You've felt their presence at some of your darkest moments, when you
felt a failure as a human, when you felt rejected by ones you had loved,
when you felt rejected by your parents or others; some of your very darkest
moments when you've been crying out to Spirit, when you've been saying
prayers to the Great Unknown, as we call it, God.

These are the ones whose presence that you'll feel, not necessarily because
they come any closer, but because you're more open at that point. You're at
a different level of consciousness. The human level is at a point of despair
and agony, but you are also at a more open level. You've had to go out of
your mind. You've had to reach yourself out, and this is where you can
particularly feel the essence of the guardian angels.

Nearly every human on Earth has one. Some have more than one, but generally
never more than four. You, Shaumbra, right now, made a conscious choice a
number of years ago to release your guardian angels, to release your spirit
guides. You knew it was time for you to take ownership and responsibility of
your own self, to cut the golden cord so that you could embody yourself,
your spirit and your divine from within, from right here. To take off those
spiritual training wheels and to really let yourself experience life on your

When you let go of that golden cord and bid your thanks to your Human Angel
Assistants, it was difficult. It left a void. Part of you wondered if you
could go on. Part of you felt like you had absolutely been abandoned, even
though it was your choice. (Tobias takes another sip) We think we could get
addicted to this. (laughter)

Ah, I'm going to write a book also as Sam – "A 101 Great Reasons to Come
Back to Earth, Even When you Thought You Were Going to Ascend."

So, dear Shaumbra, everyone has one, and our dear friend, Chez, comes in
today. Not a well known angel, Chez has a responsibility to a human, a woman
in her 40s, living in Europe by the name of Rebecca, and that actually is
her real name. Chez has to observe and be there in spirit, helping to
maintain that balance for dear Rebecca, for otherwise Rebecca – her aspect,
her human self – may get lost, may get totally lost.

So it is interesting, the work of these Human Angel Assistants. They're not
there to judge at all. There have been days when Rebecca has done some –
what you might consider – really stupid things, really, really stupid. There
was a day not so long ago where Rebecca got so angry at a coworker of hers
that she deliberately gossiped about her. She deliberately set her coworker
up to get in trouble, which the coworker did, and the coworker ended up
getting fired.

*Guardian Angels*

Now, you would think that the guardian angel, that Chez, would say,
"Rebecca, this is a wrong thing to do," but the guardian angels don't do
that at all. They are there to love and accept, no matter what. Granted,
they are also learning, because they are – guardian angels are preparing to
come to Earth themselves – so through their compassion, through their
constant love, they are also learning some of the qualities, some of the
most brilliant qualities that they want to embody when they come to Earth.

So Chez has to be there for Rebecca when she absolutely hates herself for
things that she does – for overeating. She overeats, and often times she
makes herself get sick afterwards. Chez can't say, "Rebecca, don't do this."
Chez has to be there in total love.

Now, some of you – we can feel your temperature go up a bit – "Why don't the
angels, why don't they yell out and tell her to stop doing it? Why don't
they block her from doing it? Why don't they set up things to make her learn
her lesson?" But that is not the role of an angel – or a human. The role of
the guardian angels is constant love, constant compassion.

By Pat Crosby

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Holiday ForGIVEness Live Workshops in Virginia..

Hello ForGIVERS,

Many thanks to YOU for making the world a LIGHTER place by letting go of old heavy emotions and junk through the process of ForGIVEness.

As Pluto has now entered Capricorn, we can expect MORE heavy-duty house-cleaning and letting go of the old exhausting energies as we prepare for lighter happier, more golden times ahead.

Of course, renovation comes AFTER demolition, so get prepared for lots more old stuff that doesn't work to get moved aside - so the new improved plans can be put into place.

The ForGIVEness work with the ForGIVEness guides is designed to give you the tools you need to move more smoothly through these rapidly changing times.

Please remember to listen to the forgiveness meditation audio that was emailed to you when you first subscribed to as often as you like. The effect of this work is cumulative.

(You may have to SEARCH your INBOX if you didn't bookmark the link with the audio file on it.)

As I am happily snow-birding here in Virginia - where it's about 10-15 degrees on average warmer than the frozen northland where I happily dwell in the summer time, there are 3 new ForGIVEness workshops planned here currently - just in time for lightening up the Holidays!

See the complete schedule at on the

One is at the soothing Mind-Body-Spirit center in Charlottesville - next to the Integral Yoga grocery shop.

And a 2nd is at the Metaphysical Center in Dillwyn, NY, which is a very lovely serene center in central Virginia.

Please let your VA and surroundings friends know of these special venues and opportunities to spend time in the gentle, lovely, and fun companionship of the ForGIVEness Guides.

EACH workshop is unique and special - so it is fine to attend as many workshops as you feel guided to do.

Hoping you are warm and cozy wherever you are!

Blessings of Unconditional Love to You,

Pat Crosby

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Transformation in Washington DC at Thanksgiving Time

Master Medium Kahu Fred Sterling - Medium for Kirael - with Pat Crosby of ForGIVEness Gold Workshops - at Thanksgiving Weekend Seminar in greater Washington DC area - to bring higher consciousness and unconditional love into the energy of Washington DC.

By Pat Crosby
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