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Guardian Angels & Spirit Guides - article by Tobias explaining them

Guardian Angels, Tobias

*Today's Guests*

In addition to one of our guests today – Carl Jung, coming in to observe
consciousness, how it moves, how it expands, how it shifts and changes – we
have another dear guest that I personally invited in on this day, one that
you probably don't know, probably never heard of, probably never will after
this Shoud. (laughter) This isn't a big name in the angelic realm, not an
archangel, just a regular, common angel. The angel's name is Chez. Chez.
Just a short nickname. Chez is neither male or female, but I'll reference
Chez today as feminine, because he/she has never been to Earth before, has
never taken on a physical body. Will be one of these years soon enough, but
right now Chez is in service, as many, many angelic beings are.

She operates very, very close to the Earth realms. She's gone through
considerable training of how to be a guardian angel, a spirit guide – some
of you have called this type of being. Most of the spirit guides have never
been to Earth before. Their job isn't to answer the questions. Their job
isn't to pave the path for you, because it would defeat the entire purpose
of your journey. But the job of one of these Human Angel Assistants – the
acronym being "HAA" – haa! (laughter) – Human Angel Assistants… (Tobias
reaches for a drink) We'll take the bubbly. (Linda says, "Oh, okay, there
you go. That's Coke though, that's not Pepsi. Are you okay with that?)
Tingles! (laughter)

The job of the Human Angel Assistants is to help to maintain a balance of
consciousness and energy, help to maintain what some of you have experienced
before in your work. We call it a golden cord, versus the silver cord that
would connect you to other dimensional parts of yourself. The golden cord is
something that the Human Angel Assistants help to maintain for the humans
who are on Earth so they don't get completely lost, so that there is always
the angelic presence surrounding them, so that they know that they are never
alone and that they are truly loved, because without the presence of a
guardian angel or angel assistant, for most humans, they would find it
excruciatingly difficult, dark and depressing. They would feel that they
have lost touch with everything – everything on a higher angelic realm. So
these Human Angel Assistants are trained in how to help maintain an
energetic space between the human, their divine, the angelic realms, and
what you would call a nonphysical reality.

You've all had them before. You've called them spirit guides or guardian
angels. You've felt their presence at some of your darkest moments, when you
felt a failure as a human, when you felt rejected by ones you had loved,
when you felt rejected by your parents or others; some of your very darkest
moments when you've been crying out to Spirit, when you've been saying
prayers to the Great Unknown, as we call it, God.

These are the ones whose presence that you'll feel, not necessarily because
they come any closer, but because you're more open at that point. You're at
a different level of consciousness. The human level is at a point of despair
and agony, but you are also at a more open level. You've had to go out of
your mind. You've had to reach yourself out, and this is where you can
particularly feel the essence of the guardian angels.

Nearly every human on Earth has one. Some have more than one, but generally
never more than four. You, Shaumbra, right now, made a conscious choice a
number of years ago to release your guardian angels, to release your spirit
guides. You knew it was time for you to take ownership and responsibility of
your own self, to cut the golden cord so that you could embody yourself,
your spirit and your divine from within, from right here. To take off those
spiritual training wheels and to really let yourself experience life on your

When you let go of that golden cord and bid your thanks to your Human Angel
Assistants, it was difficult. It left a void. Part of you wondered if you
could go on. Part of you felt like you had absolutely been abandoned, even
though it was your choice. (Tobias takes another sip) We think we could get
addicted to this. (laughter)

Ah, I'm going to write a book also as Sam – "A 101 Great Reasons to Come
Back to Earth, Even When you Thought You Were Going to Ascend."

So, dear Shaumbra, everyone has one, and our dear friend, Chez, comes in
today. Not a well known angel, Chez has a responsibility to a human, a woman
in her 40s, living in Europe by the name of Rebecca, and that actually is
her real name. Chez has to observe and be there in spirit, helping to
maintain that balance for dear Rebecca, for otherwise Rebecca – her aspect,
her human self – may get lost, may get totally lost.

So it is interesting, the work of these Human Angel Assistants. They're not
there to judge at all. There have been days when Rebecca has done some –
what you might consider – really stupid things, really, really stupid. There
was a day not so long ago where Rebecca got so angry at a coworker of hers
that she deliberately gossiped about her. She deliberately set her coworker
up to get in trouble, which the coworker did, and the coworker ended up
getting fired.

*Guardian Angels*

Now, you would think that the guardian angel, that Chez, would say,
"Rebecca, this is a wrong thing to do," but the guardian angels don't do
that at all. They are there to love and accept, no matter what. Granted,
they are also learning, because they are – guardian angels are preparing to
come to Earth themselves – so through their compassion, through their
constant love, they are also learning some of the qualities, some of the
most brilliant qualities that they want to embody when they come to Earth.

So Chez has to be there for Rebecca when she absolutely hates herself for
things that she does – for overeating. She overeats, and often times she
makes herself get sick afterwards. Chez can't say, "Rebecca, don't do this."
Chez has to be there in total love.

Now, some of you – we can feel your temperature go up a bit – "Why don't the
angels, why don't they yell out and tell her to stop doing it? Why don't
they block her from doing it? Why don't they set up things to make her learn
her lesson?" But that is not the role of an angel – or a human. The role of
the guardian angels is constant love, constant compassion.

By Pat Crosby

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