Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Holiday ForGIVEness Live Workshops in Virginia..

Hello ForGIVERS,

Many thanks to YOU for making the world a LIGHTER place by letting go of old heavy emotions and junk through the process of ForGIVEness.

As Pluto has now entered Capricorn, we can expect MORE heavy-duty house-cleaning and letting go of the old exhausting energies as we prepare for lighter happier, more golden times ahead.

Of course, renovation comes AFTER demolition, so get prepared for lots more old stuff that doesn't work to get moved aside - so the new improved plans can be put into place.

The ForGIVEness work with the ForGIVEness guides is designed to give you the tools you need to move more smoothly through these rapidly changing times.

Please remember to listen to the forgiveness meditation audio that was emailed to you when you first subscribed to as often as you like. The effect of this work is cumulative.

(You may have to SEARCH your INBOX if you didn't bookmark the link with the audio file on it.)

As I am happily snow-birding here in Virginia - where it's about 10-15 degrees on average warmer than the frozen northland where I happily dwell in the summer time, there are 3 new ForGIVEness workshops planned here currently - just in time for lightening up the Holidays!

See the complete schedule at on the

One is at the soothing Mind-Body-Spirit center in Charlottesville - next to the Integral Yoga grocery shop.

And a 2nd is at the Metaphysical Center in Dillwyn, NY, which is a very lovely serene center in central Virginia.

Please let your VA and surroundings friends know of these special venues and opportunities to spend time in the gentle, lovely, and fun companionship of the ForGIVEness Guides.

EACH workshop is unique and special - so it is fine to attend as many workshops as you feel guided to do.

Hoping you are warm and cozy wherever you are!

Blessings of Unconditional Love to You,

Pat Crosby

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