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Kirael explain Photon Energy Breathing.... Golden Particles

KI RA EL - Photon Energy: The Wave of the Future and the Great Shift

Hi everyone, herewith from most precious Master KI RA EL, something I think we should seriously consider practicing and making it part of our daily life. Want to mention that I utilized the photon energies through intent for a planetary task, to bring these energies into the task, by melding with the photon energy belt and the energies are just so loving and truly amazing. Below are two channels. Embracing all in Pure White Source Light, Fredaricka

Photon Energy: The Wave of the Future

Master Guide Kirael, through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling,

KIRAEL: In this journey of life, everybody's looking for a miracle cure. Well, a miracle cure does not exist, but photon energy is about as close as you can get to a miracle cure for the planet's ills. I said as close as you can get, because the journey of life has to unfold. It'll be some time before photon is used exclusively as a source of energy, but you can start to unfold that journey by just breathing the photon into your endeavors. You do this by imagining the photon going through your crown chakra, into your pineal gland, your thymus and then into the rest of your body.

For instance, one of the best uses for photon is during healings. No matter what you do to heal, whether it is Reiki, Signature Cell Healing, or something else, put your hand on the healee's head and breathe the photon energy down through your pineal gland, your thymus, your shoulder and out through your hand into the person's body. The body will feel it.

Me medium does Signature Cell Healing, a four-bodied healing that starts with breathing the photon. When the medium was lying in the hospital after his stroke, he said, "Master Kirael, am I dying?" I said, "No, you’re not dying. Just take a breath!" He took many breaths, pulling in the photon, and he's here today, fully mobile. He breathed the photon and started a full four-bodied healing, and, against all odds, he was home in three days. When you heal, you must heal all four bodies. The four-bodied healing is the most important healing you can get. It is a profound and complete healing. Breathe photon whenever you think of it, especially when you are not feeling well or when you are healing. It can only enhance your healing. Breathe that photon in with the wholeness of your light.

You can even breathe photon into your car. When you go to the gas station, take the nozzle of the gas pump and breathe photon into it as you stick it into your gas tank. Carry the photon down through your crown into your shoulders, your hands, right into the nozzle and into your gas tank. The first time you try this, your car will sputter a little, because it has to get used to the photon.

Here's a little secret to save you some money at the gas station. Try not to fill the tank too fast. When you pump the handle on the nozzle, that clicking sound is actually a spurt in the energy that takes gas out of the tank while the meter keeps going. I'm not making this up. This is the truth. So, when you fill your tank, don't pump the nozzle. Back off of it a little bit. Just remember to breathe the photon into the tank. See if you can feel the difference in your engine when you drive. That tank of gas will get a little extra energy and you’ll feel better and wiser for it.

You can even breathe photon into the electricity in your homes. Each time you turn on a light, or an appliance, breathe photon into the appliance or the light switch. You’ll save a little on your electric bill.

Your planet could go the path of Mars, if you don't do something with the photon now. Breathing and circulating the photon is what this whole journey is about. Help the planet by breathing the photon into the trees. Trees help you exist on this plane. You can't exist without them. They are part of the life cycle. Breathe photon into the trees and they will help circulate it into the atmosphere.

Be aware of the photon levels by checking the photon chart emailed to you each month from The photon chart tells you the daily photon levels, which can run from one to nine. The magic is right at level five. Five is the energy of love. That’s where the balance is, right in the centerline. Five is about as good as you can get. Five is when you’re in love, and that love is the whole focus of the photon.

Start now and get ready for the new wave of powerful photon energy. Soon you’ll have so much photon energy you won’t have to think about it anymore. In the meantime, do the journey of five or fifty so that you get used to breathing photon energy.

Photon surrounds you. It’s everyplace. Use it. Start today. Be aware. You can work with photon even though you can’t see it. Many people think if they can't see it, it doesn’t exist. Photon energy exists and you can use it now.

Q: Is there a way to get to level five when the photon energy in the atmosphere is less than five? Do we have to bring the level down when it’s higher than five, and if so, how?

KIRAEL: Suppose the chart indicates that the photon level is 2.3 and you want to get it to five. Present a little bit of your own photon energy into the journey to raise the level for yourself. When I say your own photon energy, I’m speaking about the photon that is in your body. Your body produces photon energy and you can enhance the level on a day when the photon that surrounds you is low. If the level on the chart is 7.5, you don’t have to try to get the level down to five. Leave it where it is. That five, that middle level, is present in that 7.5. Your responsibility is to maintain the middle level on this journey.

Q: How is the photon affected by our thoughts?

KIRAEL: The photon is always affected by your thoughts. The Earth plane is comprised of thought. Thought is what your matrix energy is. You might say that your matrix is the food for thought, the thought process. If you’re thinking, then you’re probably living here on the Earth plane. If you no longer use thought, then you can’t be here. Thought is everything on this plane of consciousness.

You can use the photon to lighten the matrix energy by thinking of what you can do to make things better. Those are thoughts influenced by love and they can lighten the matrix energy. If you’re thinking, “Oh, this is so wrong,” then that’s fear, and fear is dense energy. You can’t lighten the energy of the matrix with fear. Photon only responds to love. Think loving thoughts and you will draw photon energy into the matrix.

Thinking is the most important thing on the third-dimensional level of consciousness. You have two brains, a left brain and a right brain, analytical and creative, respectively. Thinking loving thoughts is not about going entirely into the right brain just because it represents your creative side. It’s about staying centered in both the left and right brains and using the whole focus of that balanced energy. If you were all collectively conscious of what’s happening with the photon energy, you’d be aware of it every day of your life and the matrix would lighten. This whole journey now is about moving from fear to love.

No magic pill exists to lighten the matrix. When you listen to CNN news and hear all the horrid things going on around the world, you have the responsibility to change them in the Now. If you don’t seek change Now, then nobody will. What can you do in the Now? Well, when the newscaster says, “A hundred thousand people died,” concentrate on those who are still living. Focus on finding the positive in everything you hear.

Where does that leave the negative thinker? Well, if you’re a negative thinker, the photon will still be present. The photon is present regardless of what you’re thinking. It’s here a hundred percent of the time. Negative thinking doesn’t diminish the photon, but you can’t take advantage of the photon when you think negative thoughts. The photon will cause you to be more conscious of every negative thought you speak, and when you’re conscious, you wind up getting all this energy. You will have to learn to be aware of the photon and use it to your advantage, and the only advantage that photon knows is to bring love. The CNN news will be there and it will continue to sell the news. Each time you listen to the news, determine what good is happening. That’s how to use the photon.

Q: I’d like to cut my meals down to once a day and the rest of the time use the photon energy. What do you think about that?

KIRAEL: First get from here to there. Practice supplementing your meals with photon. Don’t just stop eating. Shift yourself into a new way of eating in a gradual manner. If you decide to have only one meal a day, it should be breakfast. After all, you slept all night and you’ll be working all day. Do the journey by starting your day with a good breakfast. Your second meal can be an apple, or a banana, or a peach, or whatever. At dinner time, have another meal. Most importantly, you must prana breathe on your food at each meal. You want to bring in that golden energy to enhance the food. Bless your food and prana breathe into it. You can take the number of meals down a stage at a time until you’re eating only one meal a day. That’s doing the five or fifty. The key here is that you are doing the journey gradually.

Let’s suppose you’re working on a weight problem, but you don’t want to get thin. You just want to feel a little better, because your heart’s not beating right or whatever. So you want to get your weight down just a little bit. Have a decent breakfast, a light lunch and a nice dinner, and prana breathe into each meal.

Use the prana energy and you can eat all day long. You can reduce your meals to one a day or even half a meal a day if you want to. You can do anything you want. Just do the journey, whether it’s five steps or fifty.

Q: Are government scientists already using photon energy in some machines? Should healing the four-body system be our first priority?

KIRAEL: A number of people in your American government are working on photon energy underground right here on this island at Camp Smith. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you’re way out front in this journey, because you’re not. Your government knows what to do with photon energy and it’s working on it.

Right now, your government is practicing with photon, but it’s missing the point, because it’s not working in terms of your four-body system. The photon energy is the most important part of your healing journey, and healing the four-body system is the first place to start. Use the photon by first bringing it into the spirit realm, and then the mental realm, which is not in your brain, by the way; it’s your thoughts. Next, bring it into the emotional realm. That’s your heart energy and it’s not inside you, either. It’s out there. I speak of the energetic heart. Finally, bring it into the physical realm.

Breathing photon into all four bodies is the greatest advantage for healing. You’re a four-bodied energy, and the photon is available to you and will take you into the fourth light. In order to get into the fourth light, you must first get through this third-dimensional journey of the truth, the trust and the passion. The photon will be the most important part of your journey very soon. It’s about more than just putting photon into your gas tank, or your air conditioning, or your heater, or anything else. Photon will be your life breath.

Q: I like working with the photon, especially when the level is high. Will the photon levels be higher as a matter of course after the three days of darkness when we go into the photon belt?

KIRAEL: Absolutely yes.

Q: When we gather in groups, for example, on Earth Day, and we meditate, does the Earth move closer to the photon belt?

KIRAEL: The Earth gets no closer to the photon belt when you work in groups, but you are more likely to recognize that the photon is there. It doesn’t matter if the photon level is at two points or nine points. If you get a group together, breathe in the photon; hold it, and then Om, and your energy could travel anywhere you want it to. That’s the power of photon energy. The photon particles talk to each other. They don’t go into the past or the future. They talk to each other in the Now, and that’s the journey.

Breathe, and I will breathe into your light now and you will feel my energy. I’m sending you photon now.

Q: I’m feeling it.

KIRAEL: Okay, good. I can send photon across the waves to you because you are aware of my energy and you can hear me. Eventually, you won’t even need to do this, because when the masses get together and amp up this photon energy, you can bring it into this whole journey. You will be able to hold the photon in your hand if you want to. When you get more adept at what you’re doing, the fun really begins. I was giving you this energy and you got it. You’re in Canada. I’m in Hawaii. There’s nothing separating us that love can’t bridge.

Q: I have several people around me who are not of a positive mind. How do I invite photon into my space, allowing truth to be around me?

KIRAEL: Let’s say you’re working in an office with a hundred people and you’re the only one who has ever heard of or even thought about photon energy. Remember, photon energy talks to photon energy. So, just because the others don’t know that it’s there does not make the photon any less potent. If you can hold your presence and your power strong enough to amp up the photon, it will talk to the other hundred people in the office. The person ten people away from you might say, “You know, I really feel good today. I really do.” Eventually, that feeling will reach all one hundred people.

There may be a few people who won’t feel anything because they don’t know how to let the photon in. They’re stuck in the fear of love and they can’t get anywhere near the photon. If you amplify your energy while talking to these other people, building up the photon around you, the photons will talk to each other, and eventually those few people will start to feel better. Photon doesn’t have a voice like yours. Yet, it knows what it wants to do and it will go to the person who’s building up the photon in the atmosphere.

Be powerful enough to do the journey, because if you do the journey, the photon will extend beyond you. Let it get bigger and bigger and then, all of a sudden, two or three people in the room will be affected and those two or three people will affect two or three others, and before you know it, the hundred people in that whole company will be affected. Pretty soon the fear will be reversed, so to speak, and instead of being in fear of love, everyone will fear not doing the journey of the photon, the journey of love. This love journey is always about attracting photon, and the photon will talk to the love, because that’s what the photon is: love energy.

Q: Master Guide Kirael, you told me to figure out how to do the alchemy and geometry of downloading a stem cell through the matrix, through the four bodies into the Now. I’ve done that.

KIRAEL: Congratulations. That’s beautiful.

Q: Now what?

KIRAEL: Use it. Go with it. If you’re ready to go, get the information out to We the People. You’ve gotten only one step in the process. You know as well as I do that it could take another day, or ten days, or ten months, or ten years, to complete the project. It doesn’t matter, because we now know that the photon energy talks to itself based on love and we can go anywhere from there.

Q: Can you give me some guidance on how to make photon energy and use it on this level of consciousness?

KIRAEL: Your whole journey, which is about to explode all over the planet, is about understanding the photon energy and how to make it for yourself. If you amplify this energy by getting it to talk to itself, it will reverberate, and when it reverberates, it echoes back into itself. Work with that piece of information. That’ll give you the answer that you’ve been searching for, but it’s only one of many answers. This arena of photon energy is so fortified and fulfilling.

Q: I am working on using the scope of energy to change matter, to create matter in this world.

KIRAEL: Have you had any successes at this point?

Q: Partly, yes. Sometimes the matter changes and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it works well and I can access this energy, and change it, and other times nothing happens. It’s very frustrating because some element of control is missing.

KIRAEL: Work with the element of control. Be in love with what you’ve gotten so far. Celebrate it. You’ve gotten more than the average human being has even thought about. You have already seen matter change and you’re making it happen. Work on the control between the factor of one and the factor of five. That’s the whole journey. You will work in stages. You are only at the beginning and eventually you will open this journey up to the rest of the world. If you’re working one hundred percent in love, you’ll get this one little factor that you’re looking for. It’s right there beside you now. I will download it into your heart and your brain.

Just be in love the next time you go into a meditation. Then go to your higher self and tell it what you want, and it will give it to you. You will bring it back to this Earth plane and you will have the first leg of this journey complete.

Q: Can the photon particles be set with our intentions? Do they have different frequencies?

KIRAEL: I will get a little technical here. The photon has different layers of energy within it, and they all have a particle of love in them. Now a photon light is equivalent to the spectrums of E minus 4, 7. This whole journey is about your intent to figure out the spectrums of photon. Cause this energy of your intent to go into this field of photon that communicates with itself. The photon will realize that you’re trying to figure out its frequency. It, in turn, will send the energy back into you and give you the answer.

Now, how do you do this, if you don‘t know what you’re getting? Get your intentions wired. Your intent has to be wired to receive. You will receive the answer only after your intention energy is clear and has gone out. When that energy returns to you, the answer will be there. This is a journey of unfolding energies. As you fold, refold, and eventually unfold the energy, it will be pure in love. You will bring the energy back into this same space and you will understand that it’s like the smell of a flower. You can’t see the smell, but you know it’s there. That’s how photon is. You can’t see the photon, but it’s there. You’ll learn to recognize and understand the photon, because a thought will enter your mind. You will fold or examine that thought and refold or re-examine it and eventually you will unfold it and have your answer. That’s the whole journey, my friend. The answer was always there in the photon. You just
had to learn to understand it.

It’s like being a scientist. Have you ever noticed how scientists are always trying to prove something that they can’t prove until they prove it? They know something is there, but because they haven’t proved it, they feel it doesn’t exist. Nonetheless, they keep trying to prove it, and only when they prove it, do they say it exists. Don’t you think it existed before they proved it? Of course, it did. That’s the beautiful part.

Q: I know we use oil for things other than energy. What will the journey of oil be in the future? Will we still use it for making things that are part of the earth or will it simply no longer be used for energy?

KIRAEL: Oil will be used for quite some time, lass. Certain people are hogging the oil because they think it’s running out. You won’t run out of oil right away, I promise. You won’t need oil as much as you do now. When you stop pouring it into the gas tank or into the fuel bill or the home heating, you’ll have more than enough to go around for hundreds of thousands of years. You have a hundred-thousand-year-supply of oil right now. You just have to stop using it to heat your homes and so on and so forth.

In this journey to the next light, you will use oil for things other than plastics or fuel. Oil won’t be combustible. You won’t have to fire it up to make it work. You will get other things out of it in the most perfect manner.

Q: How does the photon work with being a medium and remembering our travels in other dimensions?

KIRAEL: The photon energy is what you enter into when you get out of this third-dimensional journey and go into the other realms.

Everybody should be a medium, because in order to be a medium of the highest order, you must be in love and that requires the photon energy. When you do the journey of a medium, you get out of this plane and into the photon energy.

If you want to get from here to there, start the journey in your mind. Not your brain, your mind. You can move from here to there—wherever there is—by getting through the photon. You can track this photon energy from here to there by taking it down through your pineal gland and getting it into your heart chakra, then igniting it. Before you realize it, you’re there. Now, where is there? Well, in the other realms, there is here and here is there, because no time or space exists.

When you fire the photon up and let it go, it goes into the etheric fabric of your higher self, which takes it and goes with it. The photon is constantly communicating, one particle to the next. It never communicates backward, but you can take any particle and tip it back to yourself, and the whole journey will unfold for you in a forward motion.

In the past, you believed you couldn’t talk to the photon, because you hadn’t tried it, but now you know that you can tell the photon what you want and it will do the journey with you.

Q: You said that photon is love energy. Do I have to change my definition of love to understand photon?

KIRAEL: Yes. This whole journey is about your thinking, your thoughts. Your thoughts are what create the journey. In this dimension, fear of love is the journey most people take. In order to change your definition and your whole journey of understanding love, start by loving yourself. If you’re not in love with yourself, you will be unable to access the photon energies. Photon is love energy. Love energy is photon. It is not pure light, but it is the closest thing you have right now. I’m not speaking about the love between two people. I’m talking about a deeper, more expansive love. If you profoundly want to be in love, start now by breathing in the photon and loving yourself. The photons are around you. Breathe them in and let them go. The minute one photon moves away, another takes its place. So the love, the photon, is always at your beck and call. That’s what happens the moment you’re committed to your love factor. Be in
love and you will accomplish what you want to get done with little or no effort. Just go in love and say, “I don’t care what you’re doing. I’m in love.” That’s how the whole journey unfolds.

Q: What can I do to use your wisdom in a way that brings more awareness of photon energy to the world to help bring the Shift into this plane?

KIRAEL: If you want to enhance my energy, find some way to be where I am. I’m not inside the medium. I’m using the medium’s body, so I’m right here in this vicinity.
You can call me the professor of photon energy, because photon is about my love. You never see me get mad with anyone. Anger is not part of my energy because I’m a seventh-dimensional being.

Understand the power that this medium can wield in this process. My energy is being amplified beyond your wildest expectation. Everybody in my vicinity is feeling love. Some people are even crying. If we had 150 to 200 people in this room right now, we would have that many new people with photon energy intact in them and they would know how to spread it out to the next person.

So, how can you help me, per se? Find out where I’ll be around the world and be there.

Q: Pele is spewing gaseous minerals into our air in Lemuria, which creates a lot of smog, and people are being affected by it. How can we use photon energy to minimize the effects of the smog?

KIRAEL: This smog is a natural phenomenon of the earth plane and it’s just blowing across you. Learn to breathe without breathing in through your nostrils, because you breathe in the photon through your crown chakra. Imagine the particles coming down through your crown chakra and into your body. Do this over and over. Let the air come in and go out. As the photon in the air comes in, you will feel your lungs expand. You can do this simply by thinking it, by intention. Remember, your thinking is creating your reality, and your reality is that you want to get the photon, not the smog, into you. If the air is mixed with smog energy, learn to breathe in just the photon.

When the smog is all gone, continue to breathe in the photon. Don’t stop intending to pull the photon into your body. Take it in slowly, and make sure you’re getting it out of the air. You can get photon into your body by taking it down through the pineal gland and into your chest, because that’s where your heart and your lungs are. Leave the photon in there. Let the breath go out. Leave the photon in. That’s the journey.

Do the journey of five or fifty and practice breathing the photon in. Remember, communication will occur between you and the photon energy, and the photon will communicate with the next photon, and so on and so forth. Just hold the photon in your body and use it for everything it’s worth and then release it, because it’ll go right out there, get revitalized, and then come right back in again if you want it to. Photon is a never-ending supply of energy focused in love, by love, into love.

Q: The divine free will energy of the kundalini is a big part of my journey right now. Could you explain the difference between that energy, which I understand is quite powerful, and the photon energy?

KIRAEL: When the kundalini energy rises through the body, it feels good and you make it work for you by amplifying it with photon energy. When you first draw the kundalini up, it’s a little tough because you just don’t understand it. Remember, the photon communicates, and if you communicate what you want the photon to do, it will work for you. If you raise the kundalini and exercise it with photon energy, the kundalini can amplify itself about 250 percent. That 250 percent is capable of amplifying your energies and everything in between. You think you can just go from zero to 250, but you can’t. Do the five or fifty to reach that point. If you got one percent of that 250 percent into the Kundalini, you’d feel it immediately. That’s all you could pray for. Imagine 250 percent over and above what you’ve got right now. Practice breathing the photon and you will reap the benefits of that 250 percent.

Q: How will the hydrogen and oxygen elements be used with the photon in the human body, of which water is an important element?

KIRAEL: The physical body is about 70 percent water. In the simplest terms, when you imply photon into the body, it goes through water. The water will make the photon “fancify” itself, so to speak. Water enhances the photon. That’s one of the most beautiful things in this whole journey, my friend.

Q: Is there a Goddess or Goddess council of the photon light that we can speak with through meditation and through our healing?

KIRAEL: There is a Goddess of light that protects the energies of photon. It is the Goddess of photon. It doesn’t have a name and it’s not ready to come out and be introduced. It knows what love is and it always infuses its love. It’s doing all of its work behind the scenes. This Goddess of love is feeding the energy into the photon. Whatever photons are coming into this Earth plane will be fed into it by this Goddess love of light. The photon is already here and you’re breathing it every day of your life. Breathe with intention, my friends.

Closing Statement
Photon is the wave of the future. It will eventually define your world. In-lighten your lives with this magical energy that surrounds you and lives within you. Move your journey forward into the fourth light now by breathing this energy into everything you do. You won’t regret it.

1 The kundalini is an unconscious, instinctive or libidinal energy or force, envisioned either as a Goddess or a sleeping serpent coiled at the base of the spine, and is found in the subtle body. It is believed that when this energy rises, one achieves psychological illumination or spiritual bliss. Wikipedia.

The Great Shift and the Freedom of Photon Energy

The Great Shift and the Freedom of Photon Energy
Master Guide Kirael, through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling

KIRAEL: The energetic grids of the force field of Earth are shifting rapidly now, and the photon energy is capturing these grids in a moment in time and reducing their force fields, not so that you can’t feel them, but so that they are a more controlled phantom. When I say phantom, I mean that it does not have the appearance of existence, but rather the mystified energy of a localized force. This energy travels upon itself, but because this photon energy in its in-lightened form has only a present and no past or future, it detects what the next photon energy must do and sends a message into the next photon light through a weave in time and space.

In current time, all of your electromagnetic things on Earth must be connected by the actual force of the field itself; whereas, in the photon energy, they will be controlled by the thought of the photon projecting itself into the next photon. I stress again that although the photon does not have a past or a future, it has both a particle value and a wave value; hence, in only a moment’s notice, it has a vibrational skill that manufactures a certain strand within the weave that can be followed through a wavelength.

Eventually you will recognize that, through this photon energy, you can control every experiential reality focus available within a matrix-type system, or an energetic field controlled by the electromagnetic force. You will be able to reopen that magnetic force until it aligns in the present. Hence, the past will have no value in relation to what you can do in the present, just as the future will be aligned by your present energetic fashion. You will, in some sense of the word, control the future, but you will only control it through the Love of God Creator. Nothing will unfold on your Earth plane without the configuration of the loving particles of the Creator. These particles are the makeup of the photon light. The photon light can be reduced to love.

Now I will take questions in the hope that you will open the floodgates to more information.

To discover more about photon energy and the Great Shift listen to the Kahu and Kirael LIVE! CD or MP3 recording, "Great Shift Updates: Lightworkers, Photon Energy and Galactics, Part I”

Q: How will the galactic energies inform us about how to use photon energy?

KIRAEL: The galactic energies have already learned how to use the photon energy. They’ve been through photon belts of their own. They’ll go through at a much faster rate, because they can use warp drive and things like this. So they’ll wait inside the photon energy for you. They will assist you by bringing much more technology. Much of your learning processes will come from the galactic energies. They will download the information into the computers. Believe me, they are the reason that you even have the computers. You were to receive the computers in 2044, so you can see you’ve already advanced well beyond that. Now you have the computers and you see them changing every day. It won’t be long before you start seeing information come over your computers on how to use and store photon energy. Many people will scoff at this information, particularly those who depend on selling you their oil. There will be a short time when certain
forces will try to shut all that information down, but the galactics will send much of that energy through to you.

You will receive information via your Internet. Your galactic brothers and sisters are already using the Internet for communication. Much of the information that you receive once you go into the shift process will come from them. The galactic energies have already been through multiple shifts. For instance, the Pleiades have been through a shifting process such as yours approximately seventeen times, each one upgrading their way of life and their systems on how to compute things. They are quite advanced on that particular ground.

Q: When we come out of the three days of darkness, will we meet the galactic energies? Are there additional groups that have come now to assist us, and, if so, what role are they playing?

KIRAEL: Some of you will see these beings before you go through the three days of darkness and some of you will not. When you come out of the three days of darkness and go through the fundamental process of the dimensional shift, the galactic energies will appear all around your world. In fact, the numbers of ships you will see will make it seem like a Sears parking lot at Christmas. That’s how many will want to be here to witness this. Within the last year, the Aquillians have sent in a whole fleet in spy craft.

Unbeknownst to the Earth plane, much of your eating source will be rearranged by the galactic energies after the three days of darkness. What you eat will need to be replanted and re-shifted. During that particular time, a great supply of energies will come from one of the Aquillian crafts or a group of the Aquillian crafts. They have been monitoring your current foodstuffs and simplifying their own foods down to matter so that you will be able to eat it. Now, don’t think they will give you hamburgers, because they won’t. They have been working at food that tastes similar to yours. For example—and this might make some people happy and other people downright distraught—they have perfected the exact taste of beef stew. However, it will look more like tofu. When you bite into it, you will say, “Oh, my God, that tastes just like beef stew.” I’m only using that as an example. The Aquillians have been studying much of your food
supplies, especially Chinese food. I hope you like Chinese food. There are so many Chinese people that it has been easier for the Aquillians to study them.

There are four sun systems that hold the planet source. One group that is almost unknown to the Earth plane has come from a far-off planet system that is just one of four populated planets in a sun system similar to yours. We call them Quadranals. They have not arrived yet. They’re coming in with purifiers to take care of your Earth atmosphere post-Shift. After all of your fossil fuels fail to work, your atmosphere could take as many as 150 to 200 years to cleanse. This energy force is on its way here with a brand new energy to cleanse your atmosphere, clean up the holes in your atmosphere and things along those lines.

Many, not all, galactic energies will come in. All of your galactic brothers and sisters want to come over here. They can’t all come because there are just too many of them. So we’re sending out the word that we’ve got more than enough help at this point. That will eventually change and then they’ll be brought in. You can inspect them, they can inspect you, and you’ll have a good time interacting with each other.

While that’s happening, the Andromedans will keep the protections up. I must assure you of this, my friend: Galactic forces that do not have the highest intent in the world still exist. That is why you have the guardians set up around you. They will make sure that none slip through the barriers. It is up to the Andromedans to take care of them. The reason you have scary pictures on television and in the movies about the galactics right now is to remind you that the potential of something happening with those energies exists, although it is minimal and getting more so every day. Remember the Cold War, when the Americans were afraid of the Russians and vice versa? Well, it was all about speech and rhetoric. In the galactic world there is no rhetoric, because they don’t talk much. They have action. So it’s active out there right now.

For more information on the Great Shift, the three days of darkness, the Galactic brotherhood and more, please see the book, Kirael: The Great Shift Revised Edition by Fred Sterling.

Q: I take it this isn’t the shift to end all shifts. Are we going through more shifts after this one? It’s a staggering thought that we will evolve to this new light body and that we’re still going through more shifts.

KIRAEL: This new shift will last, if you count in human years, approximately between 800 and 1,400 Earth years. I can’t be exact. If you look at this year, it seems to have passed quickly. You can imagine this next thousand. They can go by fast. The Earth is an antiquated system of life form.

The human endeavors that you’re in right now are quite antiquated compared to the endeavors of much of your galactic brothers and sisters, who have shifted multiple times. You still count light years when speaking of distances in outer space. They don’t look at light-year systems anymore. They look at agarthics. Agarthics refer to how many layers of energy they’ll pass through until they arrive at the vibration they’re seeking, which in this case is Earth. For example, with respect to the Pleiades (and I’m relatively sure of that count of seventeen shifts), when they went from a third-dimensional experience to the next level, just like
everybody else, they got to stay for quite a while, but not 50,000 years like you did in the past. This first shift is only a thousand years and then you’ll shift from there into new understandings.

In essence, during the first thousand years, most of you will stay home. Many of you will join the star fleets and things like that, but, for the most part, you’ll stay home and rebuild and have this beautiful experience of being Earth human. Those who join the star fleets and move into the galactic realms and travel with their brothers and sisters from the other worlds will be a special breed. They will be ready to go out and learn more and bring the information back. They will be the scientists, the searchers.

The teachers will go out, too. A different breed of teachers will be left here, and they will be the teachers for those who are still not up to par on what the new energy is. The real teachers will be released to go out into the other worlds and start to learn from there. That’s why many of your teachers now are experiencing inner-world travels, or outer-world travels, whichever way you want to look at it. Many of them are
experiencing those other worlds because they’re preparing for the Shift.

This is the shift of all shifts for the Earth plane. It is the one time when you will take a whole crew of energy through a massive awakening, without having to go home to the Creator so that the Earth can be reset. That’s how you can get through sixteen or seventeen shifts soon after you’ve gotten this first one down. This shift is staged, so to speak. This is complicated. I may go above everybody’s head here. When you move into this shift, you will have the opportunity to stay on board the planet forever, if you want to.

You can live over here for a thousand years or ten thousand years. We don’t care anymore. You have the choice to stay here and develop this process, but Earth will never be as it is today. That thought usually causes a little sadness, so I don’t like to talk about it too often. Nevertheless, you’ll never look back at this time and say, “Oh, boy, I wish I were back there.” There’s just no comparison between
the new world energies or the new energy patterns and Earth as you know it now. You’ll look back at this and say, “Oh, man, why did we wait so long?” After you’ve brought the whole of the planet through the new energies, you as a human population can decide whether you want to use Earth as a star base, like the Pleiades.

The Pleiades is now simply a star base. It’s where accumulations of civilizations gather. It doesn’t accommodate only Pleiadeans anymore. Many Earth people will want to go to the Pleiades. It is what we call a star system equator, which means that it has the potential of life. All sorts of life will move there. I doubt that, after about a thousand years, you will keep Earth in its current condition. In fact, there’s a chance, and this is a scary thought, that the Creator will just shut this whole thing down and move on.

Earth is too small to do much with it. Earth is a tiny planet and it doesn’t fulfill us the way other star systems do. There are other sun systems that have inhabitable planets that are much larger than Earth. You can see where we get greater opportunities for growth on systems like that.

On the other hand, this little planet is much loved and it will probably be around for a long time, because the Creator, expressing itself as human, has an energy pattern of thought that has a memory. Most of your galactics have gone past remembering the old. They consider only the new. That might be the one drawback about being a galactic. They have lost track of their greatest memories. When you go from the third to the fourth light, you do a lot less remembering. You’re more concerned about where you are and where you’re going. Whether the human part of God Creator can maintain a memory strong enough to maintain this planet will be the question.

Q: What are the practical benefits of the photon energy?
KIRAEL: When I first started talking about photon energy, it was hardly even heard of. Now I will take you to the next level of awareness. In its reality focus, photon energy is about changing the understanding of the way the world looks at its resources. The resources you use to continue your evolution, such as oil, coal, and things along those lines, will be replaced by photon energy.

Studies on how best to deal with photon energy are being conducted within your government forces and some of your private sectors as well, but only the rich are privy to them. You can harness photon energy free, without any expenditure whatsoever. You will not need huge machines to convert photon energy, because it is so simple to work with. It is human-oriented, made for We the People. So those who have made their wealth from the oil cartels won’t know what to do with the oil after the Shift. Meanwhile, those who have, for all intents and purposes, decided to go through the Shift, will learn quickly how to use photon energy. Now, at first, those who have figured out how to work with the photon energy will want keep it a deep, dark secret, until they realize that if they don’t give it to We the People to use, there’ll be no We the People.
Hence, they will give it up, and give it up freely, and then every human being on the planet will learn how to convert photon energy into power, into what it needs to sustain life forces. You don’t have to go into much more depth than that, because there are many government agencies researching photon energy right now. Most of them, as far as I can see, have fairly well learned how to harness it and are busier trying to keep that fact under wraps than they are trying to work on it any further. The more they work on it, the more they realize how simple it is to work with photon energy—and the more afraid the cartels become.

This information will not be leaked, if the governments can help it. Your governments don’t want any information disseminated that causes you to think. Once you start thinking, you’ll say, “Wait a minute. If photon energy exists, and it must—I mean, every time you turn around, there’s an article out there about photon energy—and if it’s that beautiful, that powerful, and has that type of energetic force, then why aren’t we already using it?” Well, common sense will tell you that. If you use photon energy, what will the cartels or the oil corporations do? What will happen to all the so-called money-makers in the world right now?
You, as lightworkers, have to let the world know that photon energy is a basis of powerful energy that, when reacting with itself, produces everything that your combustible energy powers produce now. You must be able to say what I’m saying without completely freaking out the whole world. Photon produces energy that will run all of your machinery, all of your computer systems. Believe me, the computer system you have now is in the Dark Ages, compared to the one you will have. You think the computers are cute right now, but you should see what the galactic world will give you. They will give information to you in a rush, when the time is right.
Right now, they’ve given information to a few, who have held it in abeyance. Those few are leaking out the information a little bit at a time, as they were told to do, but the leak is a little slower than we anticipated. Those few have made billions and billions of dollars on the photon information.

The photon energy is a powerful force of energy that is produced by Creator Force; therefore, it cannot be harnessed by any one person or group. It will be available to all human forces to rebuild and re-establish an awakening of a new dimensional energy. Photon energy, my friend, is a beautiful source of energy, free for the taking, and it can be used to power machinery. Electricity will be replaced by photon energy. Everything will run by photon, and photon will be in such abundance that you couldn’t use it up in a hundred million lifetimes.
Learn more about photon energy! Listen to the Kahu and Kirael LIVE! audio CD or MP3, “Working with Photon Energy.”

Q: When will we start to use the photon energy and what does it feel like?
KIRAEL: Use of the photon energy begins in your awareness—when you recognize that you can work with it. When We the People realize that you have been held captive, if you will, by a certain segment of your thought systems, the photon energy will offer you an alternative thought system. Once you release the current segment of your thought systems and search outside of the box, so to speak, you will discover that so much more potential exists in the photon than the mind could realistically perceive. Be willing to think outside the box and the photon will be available to you.

What will it feel like to you? You will feel as if you have been released from prison. You say, “Oh, but I can’t feel like that. I’m not in prison now, so how am I going to feel like I’m released from prison?” When you feel that your purpose is the culmination of your entire existence, you will be out of the box, out of jail. Recognize that the will and the word are the connecting force to all that emanates from your planet. Everything that shines here shines because you allow it to. Therefore, when you realize that you are not forced into one limited space, you will feel as if you have been born again.

I could give you a hundred different scenarios of what photon energy feels like, but the simple one is that it feels like freedom—no more oppression, no more suppression, only the totality of impression. You will be impressed by what you think, and what you think will become what you relatively experience, and whatever is relative will be a focus of your inability to hold yourself to what was. You will force yourself into what is.
The photon experience has already started. Any one of you sitting here today can draw a deep breath and your body will feel so good. Post-Shift, when the photon permeates your atmosphere, someone with asthma will take one beautiful full breath, and his eyes will widen. He will over-oxygenate himself, be giddy from the thrill of being able to have that breath and then another and another until finally he breathes fully with no more constriction. That’s what it’ll feel like, my friend, living without constrictions. You will be free to do as you please.
There are those, don’t you know, who would like to sell you on this bill of goods: “Oh, what about all the crashing of the systems that run on electricity?” Your governments have set up everything to run either through a tube or along a wire. That’s how the government controls everything. Internet radio broadcasts such as the medium’s travel on a wire to a certain space and then they’re free to fly. People already understand that the photon is free out there and they’re zapping it out of the sky, so to speak. What happens when you can’t control everything by running it on a wire or into a tube?—freedom. So there’s a great awareness that feels like a deep breath. I can already hear those in power saying, “Oh, we can beat that one. We’ll just tell them, ‘Yeah, Master Kirael’s idea of the Shift sounds like a deep breath.’” You know what? I’ll stand behind that statement because that’s exactly what it’ll feel
like. As long as no one puts a hand over your mouth or pinches your nose, the one freedom you have on this Earth plane right now is to inhale a deep breath. They can put you in chains, in a jail cell, or in a cave, but as long as you can take that breath, you’re free. I’m talking about freedom that you’ve never experienced before.

Q: We were speaking about cycles of photon energy on our planet and someone mentioned a 26,000-year cycle of photon energy. Is there a determined time that photon cycles through our planet?
KIRAEL: If the question was, “Is there a 26,000-year cycle of photon energy, as I’ve been told?” my answer is that you are asking for a measurement of time that cannot be measured. I will allow the question to stand nonetheless. By today’s standards, the photon cycles approximately every 26,000 years. What you must realize is that every cycle leaves a trail of photon energy behind it. So, you’re floating into these trails all through your systems. Your sun star is moving through the galaxy, and it is passing through waves, if you will, of photon energy that have been there and available for use for thousands of years, not 26,000 but over 26,000. Your Lemurian counterparts used a form of energy that did not have to run over a wire or through a tube. They used a manifest power of coalescing energy factors from a focus that was an in-lightened source that was not held in check by any one force. It was the freedom of all experience.
Today, your scientists have labeled that energy photon energy. They measure the photon by the wavelengths of photons that pass through you, or, if you like, pass over you.

The photon belt is such a huge wave of energy that it can engulf the entirety of the Earth plane in one moment. So, if you can look at it from that standpoint, you’ll understand why, when I give a photon energy reading, it’s good in America as well as Russia. It is a huge belt of energy. At the end of this cycle—and I won’t call it a 26,000-year cycle anymore—you’re heading toward the outer edge of one of the hugest photon masses of energy that has ever existed. It cannot be timed; therefore, it cannot be measured. If you looked at your sun star with its planet systems revolving around your central sun, you wouldn’t even be visible in this photon energy. That’s how huge it is. You must go through the outer layers of this photon belt. The outer layers are comprised of the energies that are pressing toward the center of the photon. Again, the belt is not comprised of the photon energy that’s coming out from the center. It is
comprised of the energy that is pressing toward the center, trying to re-manifest itself. Hence, a huge belt of photon energy has built up.

When you pass through that photon energy, you will enter into the three days of darkness. People have been saying, “Tell us about the three days of darkness.” Now everyone has jumped on the bandwagon and has an answer for it—everything from planets absorbing your sun to your sun going out and having to be re-lit. The truth is still the truth. You will go into so much light that your sun will seem to be blotted out, but the sun’s rays will still penetrate and operate on the photon energy. So you will still have your oxygenation systems and everything else intact. Yet you will have extreme cold, because the full rays of the sun won’t be able to shine through. In those three days, your Earth will be rejuvenating itself. It will open itself to a new vibration of this photon energy.
Once you have gone through that belt, through that ray of photon energy, and emerge into the full photon energy, everything will be workable. Everything will be usable again.

Q: Do all shifts have the presence of the photon energy?
KIRAEL: The answer is an emphatic yes. Yet photon is seldom used as a shift process, because, at each shift, the Creator has released all societies back into its own Love and Light. During this particular shift, you’re going to remain on your planet system. That’s the difference that makes photon the focus of this shift.

The photon has always been there, but nobody ever used it, because everyone was brought home by the Creator. Lemuria was different. The first incarnate beings on Lemuria were the whales and the dolphins. When Lemuria was incarnated by the human experience, the Lemurians were already fortified and knew how to work with the photon energy, because they didn’t have gas and oil. They wouldn’t have known what to do with gas and oil anyway. Everything was photon then.
Atlanteans started out with the photon and quickly turned it off because they were not about to repeat the Lemurian experience. Most societies have been able to work from wood, carbons, oils and things along those lines. Your current incarnation is held captive by these sources of power.

Q: So the shift in Imhotep’s time didn’t use the photon at all?
KIRAEL: Well, yes, photon was used, but only because Imhotep himself used it. It was easy to vibrate the photon energy. One man could pick up a four-ton block using photon energy. However, Imhotep was, shall we say, sternly reminded that he wasn’t supposed to use photon. That’s when he turned to sound vibration to build the pyramids. Master Jesus used the photon energy a couple of times and he got a bit of a scolding, too. You won’t get scolded this time when you come out of the darkness. You’ll be able to use the photon at will.

Q: If the photon cycles every 26,000 years, then it will be physically impossible for the photon to intrude upon the Earth’s atmosphere during this Shift. So, when you say Imhotep and Jesus used the photon energy, they must have been using it in a different way, not because the photon energy intruded into the Earth’s atmosphere.
KIRAEL: Well, let me try it again, because I thought maybe I answered it, but obviously I missed it. Picture a huge cloud, bigger than anything your mind can imagine, and outside of that cloud is this little dot. That dot is your host sun. The cloud is the size of this room, and the pin prick, or dot, is your sun, which you can’t even see because it’s too small. That’ll give you an idea how big the photon cloud is.
The photon takes an extremely long time to pass Earth. As it goes by, it does nothing. The photon looks like a comet with a tail of light. There are always remnants falling away from the photon. Photon energy is always compounding itself. That’s why you have a belt on the outer edge. Don’t consider the mass to be the belt. The belt surrounds the mass. All the time that the belt is folding in on itself, photon is falling out over it. So, no matter where you go, your Earth plane will be in photon energy. Photon is always there, but, depending on the 26,000-year cycle, the amounts available may or may not be extreme.

See, the photon chart I prepare each month shows the intensity of the waves of photon that cross the Earth’s atmosphere. If I tell you that the photon will cross the Earth’s atmosphere at an 8.5 level, that means that the cloud over your office left that much photon in the atmosphere and you’re passing through it. As you pass through it, there’s another burst of it floating that you pass through. Your path is the same as that big cloud’s path.
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Q: Does the “three days of darkness” happen when we’re not in the fullness of that belt?
KIRAEL: Okay, back to your cloud now. The cloud’s over your office. We’re moving along, when suddenly we catch up to the cloud, because it’s time to enter the belt. That cloud is your doorway, but because the photon is folding in on itself, it’s like a wall. We’re just drifting along there and suddenly we come to that wall, which is the belt. When we get to that wall, we don’t see the door. It’s not there. We go right to the wall from here. Well, we can’t get you into your office because it would be just too difficult, but, as we move along that belt, there’s the opening we’re looking for. That’s the way God planned it. I hate to say that, but that’s the truth. That’s the way the Creator put it all together. We’ll move right along that wall, which is the belt, and then, as we find that door, we’ll go through, but when we do, we’ll go through the wall at the same time. Hence, there is so much of it folding in
on top of itself that you will be in the thickest, densest part of the photon energy.

Once you go through that belt, you are in the photon light. Once you’re in the photon energy, then the belt means nothing to you anymore, because you take your sun star with you. The photon always retracts and brings its energy to more than it can offer. It’s like the ultimate Creator Source. The more you use, the happier it is because the more it can reproduce itself. That means the “three days of darkness” happens much less frequently than the shifts.

Earth enters the photon belt every 26,000 years or so. There are other planet systems that have gone through the photon belt numbers of times, when your Earth has been waiting to do it once. There are planets that have been trying for a long time, with greater aim and greater thrust than your Earth plane, to make it through that belt. Now, they can’t do anything about that, except use the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating. You see, your Earth’s trajectory is slowed by the consciousness of the human population. Your consciousness is the force that relates to the Creator, and the Creator moves without any hesitancy on anything it wants to, but it looks at its own learning segments and says, “Don’t move any faster than this.” Yours is not the only planet the Creator created. The Creator created all planets. So, when it’s got a society that is fully aware and limitless in its own reality, it throws it right into the photon energy.
Those who experience for the Creator are brought along at a pace set by their consciousness. I wasn’t kidding about the Ten Principles. If you practice the Ten Principles, you will raise your vibration. When you raise your vibration, you are moved at a more rapid rate.

I cannot predict when the three days of darkness will begin. I cannot predict the day you will call yourself through the Shift. I can only tell you that as you awaken, you’ll get there quicker. When more of you awaken, you will speed everything up, because the Creator Light, the Source from which you are made, is in contact with itself, which is you. You are the only reason you are not moving faster. So you are the speedometer. You are the one pressing on the pedal, or steering the craft, or standing with both feet on the brakes—yes, you, We the People. Every time I say “you,” I mean We the People.

The Creator has to wait for six billion segments of itself to move; otherwise, it follows the brightest light that it can. The Billion Person Peace Meditation is valuable to your shifting process because, when you get a billion people lit up all at once, the Creator says, “Hit the gas,” and off you go into the Shift. The speed at which you go through the Shift is based on thought accumulation. If six billion people suddenly woke up tomorrow, you’d be in the photon energy tomorrow and it would happen so fast, you’d say, “What was that? The sun went out, but it’s back on.” You wouldn’t experience the three days of darkness.

Q: Besides the physical description of the three days of darkness, you also mentioned something about it being symbolic. Going through the Shift as quickly as you just described resulting from a sudden awakening of We the People sounds like what you mean by symbolic. Is that enough explanation of the idea of the three days of darkness being symbolic?
KIRAEL: I don’t know that I used the word “symbolic,” but I could have easily enough. Remember, anything that’s in this Earth vibration, anything human, is accustomed to being relieved of its physical-ness to go through a shift. Few of you are capable of wrapping your mind around the fact that you’re going to stay here during the Shift, because you have lived through hundreds, maybe thousands, of shifts on other planet systems as well as this one, and each time, the Love of the Creator said, “Come on home. We’ll repair the planet for you and then we’ll send you back to try the evolutionary process again.”

This time you’re going to go through the Shift while still embodied. The three days of darkness will result from the Earth going through that outer band of photon. The Creator could go—poof!—and you’d be through the belt, but the Creator, in my humble opinion, will not send you through that way. The Creator will send you to sleep and let you get a little bit of rest. In the “three days of darkness”, you will go through mind warps. Your brain synapses will be refocused. The refocusing of your brain might be painful, so, as you come out of the darkness, you won’t remember any of it. Your brains will have been reworked, or re-circuited, in those three days.

In the symbolic gesture, where you go through the Shift in a “poof,” your craniums would be expanded because your brain would have been restructured so that you can deal with a whole new way of life—and it will be a whole new way of life. It would be as if the Creator took everyone off the planet, reset the planet with photon energy, and then set you back onto the planet again without going through the birthing system.

Q: When I prana breathe, do I bring in photon energy? What’s the relationship between prana breathing and photon energy?
KIRAEL: When you prana breathe, you breathe in pranic air, but you do it through your thoughts. You already have prana in you, so you activate it when you prana breathe, or breathe deeply. You activate the prana through your thoughts. Most of you activate the prana by envisioning the golden particles going through your crown chakra down through your pineal and into the body. After a little while, you forget to see the particles yet you still enjoy the sensation of the prana. That’s how the photon works. You don’t have to envision it, but it helps the process. Prana is always present, and as you activate it through prana breathing, you bring photon energy into your system. When you bring photon energy into your system, you lose track of time because photon is the future, and, in the moment, you’re living in the past, but the past doesn’t exist. Then again, neither does the future.

Q: So, Master Kirael, is it fair to say that in this expanded consciousness, as the brain is re-circuited, peace will prevail on Earth and love will be the prevailing consciousness?
KIRAEL: When you wake up after the three days of darkness, nothing will appear to be the same. For those who don’t understand about the Shift and for some who do, fear will be the focus of emotion at that point. You will turn on the light switch and the lights won’t go on. You will turn on the heater, and no heat will come from it. Fear will prevail for some. The people who understand about the Shift will send their thought patterns out, and the person in upper Alaska, who needs that heat, who’s thinking he’s about ready to die from the cold, will get a thought—“Oh, I need to do something. What do I need? I need to do this.” He’ll suddenly think, but he’ll be thinking with the person in Hawaii, because the person in Hawaii will be sending out thoughts to everybody out there who is not informed about the Shift.

You’ll suddenly realize that it doesn’t matter what color you are or what language you speak, because you will speak something that’s beyond language. You will speak like the Creator, in love, and you will have thoughts that don’t come in language, but you’ll know what to do anyway. Suddenly you will realize that you have no enemies, that your human brothers and sisters are a life support, and then everyone will learn to love one another. So, yes, the world will look different fast.
When you wake up, the first thing the lightworker will say is, “What about me brethren?” You will feel safe and snug as a bug in a rug. If you live in New York and it’s twelve below zero and you’re a lightworker, you will immediately start to work with your photon energy. You will be warm in the middle of a snowstorm. You could stand in the middle of a snowstorm with a T-shirt on.
You will want to pull together as a community of humans. Your thoughts will be the thoughts of your brothers and sisters. You will think into each other. You will be that pulsation of energy that travels on photon, and that’s how everybody will receive it.

Q: Will the influx of the photon energy accelerate the dis-eases of the body?
KIRAEL: Prior to the Shift, many people will leave the Earth plane. Each person who leaves will have chosen to leave. If you see that you would be better off on another vibration, then you’ll get out of here. Many of you are lightworkers who will want to be part of the Creator’s experience and will stay for the shifting process. When you go through the Shift, those who have disorders such as asthma or dis-eases such as cancer won’t have them anymore. Dis-ease won’t be part of the lesson plan anymore. Post-Shift, you don’t die. You just quit and go back home. You do what you want to do for your Creator, for your Source, for your Light, for your brethren, and then you return home. If you want to come back and experience the Shift, that’s fine, but there are no rules or regulations about that.
Remember, there are seven levels of consciousness to the Shift. If you come out in the first couple of levels, you may come out with a cancer growth right in the middle of your tummy. That will result from fear that you couldn’t let go of. You will have the opportunity to “cure” the cancer by waking up to a higher level of consciousness.

Q: Can lightworkers lessen the time they spend in the three days of darkness? You have said that Hawaii and Switzerland would not go through the three days of darkness. Would you explain why that is?
KIRAEL: Time in the three days of darkness will be lessened for those who are willing to have it lessened. Lightworkers will spend less time in darkness than anybody else, because you will have to get prepared to set up for the rest of the people who want to go into this next paradigm. The time will not be lessened by as much as you want to think, because you won’t recognize that it has been lessened. You will come out of the Shift a little bit earlier than those who have not yet awakened.
Now, as for the people in Switzerland and Hawaii, or Lemuria, as I like to refer to it, they will spend less time than anybody else in those three days of darkness. The Great Shift will not happen in Lemuria and Switzerland the way it’s going to happen in the rest of the world, because that is where the Shift will start. You don’t have to sell your homes or whatever and move to Lemuria. You will find that you have a sudden urge to go to Lemuria, or Hawaii, as you call it, and that’s what you’ll do.
When you come out of those great three days of darkness, or when you awaken to whatever it is you will awaken to, you will want to jump for joy. When you do, you will float up and come down slowly in your newly in-lightened bodies. You will meet with your galactic friends, who will be right here to meet with you. You will not be afraid of them. You’ll have access to your ninety percent brain and, in that, fear will be gone.

Closing Statement
The Shift is about love. That’s how these two or three billion people will come out of this new shifting process. They will come out with great love because they’ve got so much to do. When you wake up after this darkness, you will hear the people crying because they want to feel what you feel. You will bring in this beautiful one-light shift, called love, and that’s what it’s going to be like.
God bless you and good evening.

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