Friday, October 16, 2009

Natural organic Ayurvedic Support for our Bodies During these Rapidly Shifting Times

Dear ForGIVEness Friends,

It is very important for us all to keep our bodies in prime operating health during these times of rapid shifting.  Our bodies need a lot of support and pure nourishment.

Here is a new organic natural product line from a South Indian plant that many of us are drawn to use.

They are made of an Ayurvedic plant, vetted by John Hopkins, NIH, Trees for Life, and many more organizations.

They also have a totally organic paraban free skin care line, as well as a detox tea.

ON this page you can listen and read about the product line and what it does

Company website

You are welcome to Forward this email to friend interested in natural organic natural health products!

Note:  This project helps to raise funds for our works.  Thank you for considering it.

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