Thursday, February 17, 2011

Powerful ForGIVEness Story from our reader in France. + News


Our Next "little Book of ForGIVEness" giveaway is for attendees of the biggest Mind-Body-Spirit Health Expo in the mid-Atlantic USA states.

More than 1000 people are expected to attend.

If you would like to co-sponsor this booklet giveaway, donations can be made at the donation button on our home page.  Company partners and memorial gifts can be arranged ~ please email patcrosby AT gmail DOT com to arrange.

I gave away quite a few copies at Christmas in memory of my mother.  I know she would like that very much.

Some artists made many suggestions for the next edition.  I also added a small story of how the ForGIVEness Meditation was revealed to me in Peru on a sacred journey.

If any graphic designers would like to donate our next edition layout, please email me. 

Your help and support are most appreciated and gratefully received.  It is heartwarming to receive stories from people who have received their give-away copies of "The little Book of ForGIVEness".  

The many tearful and joyful and breakthrough messages people send are so inspiring.
I didn't want to loose track of all the gratitude messages for what our work means - so I posted them here~ and am happy to share them with you.

If I have a bad hair day, I re-read these wonderful emails.  Then I am all filled up with inspiration and enthusiasm to continue again :)  

Thank you, Dear ForGIVERS!

If you have an event coming up and would like give-away copies for your group or organization, let me know.

NOW ~~~  Julie's Incredible ForGIVEness Story

Dear ForGIVERs,

Julie sends these heartfelt greetings and her story.  I hope you are inspired in reading of her courage as I was after she was stabbed in her own home.

Love to You,

Pat Crosby


Dear Pat,

Many greetings to you from a beautiful day here in France.

I have just listened to your interview with Dr. Eugene Callender, which was a great inspiration
for a Monday morning! Thank you. I first heard Dr. Callender speak many years ago, when I attended a meditation retreat. I have never forgotten the love and devotion behind his words, so it was extra special to hear him today.

Because of my life experiences and a published autobiography, I am known as a woman who understand Forgiveness, and I do what I can to raise awareness about this noble and complex subject. I am delighted to have found your site, and just felt moved to say 'hello' and to thank you for your work.

By way of introduction, here are a couple of links.

I am currently working on several new books and hosting Forgiveness & Compassion Retreats in Europe, so keeping busy!

I send you love from the One Heart,


Thank you, Julie!


Many wonderful links and quotes to help you on your journey of ForGIVEness


UPCOMING INTERVIEW:  Please email questions you would like to present to an indigenous elder to discuss about forgiveness.

I hold YOU in the Creator's Light.

Pat Crosby


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  1. Dearest Angel Pat,

    I have been drawn to quite some time in to the forgiveness stories that you linked and I am so touched to a point it is hard to concentrate to work.

    I wanted to thank you for bringing this link to my attention and for being in my life. I so much want to talk to you, I am trying to make peace with the idea that so far I have so many obstacles. But I think of you all the time.

    My most love ever,