Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Heaven #2852 A Higher Bell Is Ringing....

By Pat Crosby


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HEAVEN #2852 A Higher Bell Is Ringing, September 15, 2008

God said:

There is something special going on in the world now, and for some time. You are reversing a trend.

Your heart and mind roam the world. What you speak is heard around the world. What you hear resounds within you and ripples out to be repeated to the one who spoke it and to all others, near or far.

The toil and trouble you read in the newspaper, by your very reading, you promulgate.

Every email you write reaches more than the recipient. It does indeed go out into the airwaves. Even when the air waves are presumed silent, they are heard. Even the deaf can hear.

You are a producer and reproducer of thoughts. The same can be said for love. You increase it, or you don't.

Those who have websites speak louder. Their vibration goes further.

Those who post on websites spread their light further and faster.

Your vote may not be significant, but your thoughts are. Your words are. Your love is.

The something special that I speak of is that there is a higher bell ringing throughout the world. Despite all the nonsense, there is more love resounding, and it is catching on.

You see, where there is love, judgment goes out the window.

You have tremors when you think about the devastation that some rulers in the world have imposed. A part of yourself put simple Human Beings into two lines, one a line that allowed them life, and one a line that put an X across their lives. The two lines are a personification of judgment, beloveds. When you judge, by your thoughts, you put people in one of those two lines. Enough. Make one line, beloveds. You know which line.

In the world, everything is slanted, beloveds. And now you are going to tilt the world up.

Now you know your thoughts played a part in everyone who lived. And now you want an end to cruelty and umbrage. And so now you pluck out the black crows from your heart and turn them into red cardinals of love. From judgment to love. From disdain to love. There is much more room in your heart for love. Dispense with judgment, and you will have made much more room for love to bloom.

If you would really remove negativity from the face of the Earth, then no longer will you publicize it. You replace your "tut-tut" thoughts with caring and loving even about those who have hurt you. You find a way, for no one has hurt you as much as your own thoughts have hurt you, beloveds.

Those who caused pain to you, near or far, personally known to you or not, they have forgotten about you and are no longer causing you pain. You have taken over for them with your own thoughts. With every hurtful thought you have, you open the wounds. It is you who must end the travesty of injustice. It is you who must become the Just. It is you who must remove the traces of judgment from your heart and thoughts. It is you who must make peace with yourself and so add peace to the world.

You do not love war, yet you can love even the people who make war. You must love them, beloveds, because peace depends upon you. If you really love peace, then you have to put your money where your mouth is. You must stop condemning anyone, including yourself. No word of condemnation is to cross your lips again. No tales of wrongdoing are to be told, for, as you tell, you uphold. Tell about cruelty, and you uphold it. Tell about war, and you re-declare it. Remove war from your heart, and you make peace. Declare a truce with yourself. Go into the silence of your heart and smoke the pipe of peace.
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