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1-1-9 Prepare for the New Year.... ForGIVEness clears the slate

Dear Friends,

Today, my inbox delivered this beautiful message on forgiveness. I am struck by how powerfully these teachings mirror those that I was given in Peru on Lake Titicaca when I first encountered the Spirits of ForGIVEness there.

Please enjoy this article.

Pat Crosby

Access free guided audio on a simple practical energetic way to forgive, as well as links to the printed forgiveness guide (ebook), the new forgiveness community, and info on our upcoming sacred journey to Peru for the spring 2009 equinox in March.

Happy New Year!

With Light,

Pat Crosby


Prepare for the New Year

December 31, 2008

A Message from The Council of Light through Rebecca Couch

Greetings, beloveds. It is always a pleasure to be with you in this
way. We join you in the light of consciousness; we join you in the
presence of love, for that is all there is. Love is all that you are.
It is important to remember this above all else. So there is always
the state of forgiveness as it is as ever-present as love. It is an
absolute in this way and must be applied, given, called upon,
requested, prayed for, assumed and directed as daily practice.
Forgiveness is not a supplication; it is the great power of love. It
is the great healer, the neutralizer, the magic elixir, the reset
button. It is the ointment of the return to innocence and purity, a
rebirth, a second chance. And with each new day comes just this
opportunity. The tarnish of past errs, real and perceived, holds you
down. It holds you back from being the full expression of who you are.
You fell and got dirty and now you believe that you are dirt. Far from
it! Forgive. Ask for forgiveness and receive it knowing that it is so.
It is done. By using it and praying it and being it and knowing its
great power, you will lift yourself and all others in your experience
in this powerful blessing. You are not bad, you are not unworthy, you
are not less than, you are not a disappointment, you are not a
failure. What if each sunrise meant that you were perfect and could
start again? Each breath is another chance. So take it. Become it.

There is so much weight upon the world and the nations and the
cultures and the communities and the families and the people, that
this heavy blanket of old junk must be removed and there is no greater
way to melt it than by forgiveness. And of course, it must begin
within. In your innocence, you fell, got dirty, got in trouble for
being dirty, believed you were dirty and so returned to the mud to
wallow. Simply get up, brush yourself off and forgive. You won't know
what it is until you experience it, so don't worry about not knowing.
Just trust in its power. It is forgiven. You are forgiven. I am
forgiven. It is like freeing yourself from jail after having the key
all along, but it's okay - you are forgiven! It is like a thousand
pounds being lifted from your shoulders. Can you imagine the power of
just two who have done this and are then able to recognize it in each
other and so the contagion continues?

Melt the burdens of the world through forgiveness on this day and all
days and then watch what miracles can take place when all are not
hiding under the weight of shame and guilt and unworthiness and all of
those gloomy burdens? Allow forgiveness into each cell of your being
and therein you will find the light! It is like bathing in a glorious
waterfall of light, stepping out renewed and shining your true
capability farther than ever before.keep clearing the blanket until
your greatness shines. It is there, just covered in old crap from the
past. Today is a new day.

And so on this last day of 2008, it is a perfect time to press the
reset button before beginning anew tomorrow. Sit, like a native elder,
wrapped in the blanket of your experience, around the campfire. Draw
to you the memories of this past year and let them all just be what
they are inside your heart. Send the ones filled with light to the
fire in gratitude. The heavy ones, melt the outside with forgiveness
to reveal the light and send them too to the fire in gratitude. Purify
in forgiveness and gratitude to prepare to begin again. And now, free
of the old burdens, allow yourself to imagine what takes place in the
perfect year ahead. Now it is time to dance it into creation!

We know that our words and images seem trite compared to the weight of
the burdens you carry. We know it can sound simplistic at a time when
you cannot see through to the innocence and the light and the power
that you are. But we know that you are resilient and filled with
greater possibility than you are aware, so allow us the faith of
simple metaphor. If we came across as brutal sporting coaches or
military sergeants, you are less likely to pay attention, but we may
consider it!

Just do what you can to not give up, at any time in any way. If you
stumble, forgive yourself and the situation and all others involved,
and keep on keeping on. The weight of the world will be lifted one act
of forgiveness at a time. Let this be your service today and all days.

As you mark the turning point of one year to the next by one day to
the next, we celebrate all that you do for the whole. We say, go team go!

With love and abiding blessings for a miraculous 2009, for it will be so.

The Council of Light (of course we are within!)

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