Saturday, October 29, 2011

Julie Chimes - Turning Tragedy into Spiritual Awakening and Finding a Life Mission

Julie Chimes shares her amazing forgiveness and spiritual awakening story in this video interview.

How getting stabbed was a turning point in her spiritual evolution.

Julie shares how her most loving spirit guides were with her during a stabbing process, and how she was lifted into a space of unconditional love and joy and a cosmic view of the event unfolding with her physical body. 

Be inspired!

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Free Forgiveness Audio Meditation when you subscribe teaching you how to call on angelic guidance and assistance.


The Angels of ForGIVEness are one short prayer away ~ "Angels of Forgiveness, Please help me heal this pain in my heart" ~ and the process will unfold. 


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"Forgiveness opens the door of the Heart "~ Carl Big Heart

In the forgiveness meditation that our Angels of Forgiveness offer, we use the concept of SPIRITUAL FORGIVENESS - defined as an energetic unhooking and untangling of the snarled mass of darkened chaotic and fragmented  components of our energy system, and the replacement of them with re-enlightened lines and codes of high-frequency light.  

This energetic reconfiguration that these guides offer us is a type of 


to reconstruct our own inner sacred geometry... the divine construction we were gifted with... and that got lost and distorted in our journey through the dark corners and twist and turns of life, and through the mis-creations and distortions created by our past thoughts, words, and actions.

MASTERY includes taking responsibility and self-awareness for what we have created, and choosing to rectify our mis-creations.

Our light team of angels and guides want nothing more than to assist us in this journey of Homecoming within ourselves. Hence we get so much assistance when we simply ASK for their help.

Forgiveness as we use it is NOT about the story, the persons, or the events. This type of forgiveness is mental forgiveness.  Mental forgiveness is an important aspect of forgiveness, and there are many great forgiveness courses that focus on letting go of the story, individuals and happenings that led to pain and suffering and loss in our lives. Mental forgiveness helps us grow in understanding, wisdom and compassion.  We might also call this forgiveness therapy.

As Cheryl states in her email below, we can also understand that in forgiveness, all is perfect from the greater spiritual point of view.

Nevertheless, even if we "understand" the higher purposes at the soul contract level of certain actions, we still carry the scars of these former encounters within us.  These scars take the form of  behavioral and thought and emotive patterns - such as are listed by Ronna in Scripting Your Destiny and in other writings about the healing the chakra system.

These old scars - samskaras in Sanskrit - do impact our behaviors, our relationships, our thoughts, our speech, and our future creations.  They impact how we cut off our energy out of emotional fear - usually subconscious, out of sight, and unconscious to our daily operating radar.  

We see the effects of these scars and tears in our auric field by their effects:  Disharmony in relationships, self sabotage, hiding out, retreating from life - to name just a few. 
Mentally, the effects of these energy short circuits and cutoffs reflect in being judgmental, critical, compulsive, irritated and such.  Ronna has listed these symptoms in detail as she describes the issues that come from distortions in each chakra in Scripting Your Destiny.  (pages 14-23)

Forgiveness IS about calling in divine help when we get too snarled up inside ourselves - in our minds, bodies, emotions, and psyche to extricate ourselves.  The little forgiveness meditation and prayer is one simple way offered to us to get free of the bonds and snarls of the past - from our own mis-creations - to restore our own innate divine pristine nature.

I think of this spiritual forgiveness meditation as a lifeline when we are drowning and in overwhelm from too much accumulated old stuff.

Here is the audio of the forgiveness meditation that was gifted to me in the magnificent energetic galactic portal of Lake Titicaca in Peru.  These words are highly encoded to give you a high frequency energy boost and to align you with higher frequency energies now entering our planet.
Just sink into the energy of the meditation and ask to absorb the energies - as you like....

Excerpt from 8 Chakra Course - Clear Your Chakras and Your Life. Available for purchase at

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