Friday, September 23, 2011

A Special Equinox Message ~ Staying Grounded, Balanced and Centered During Changing Times

As we go through these shifting times, it is more and more important that we stay centered and grounded in our own inner light.

MANY changes will come about externally - outside of ourselves.

ALL the masters and messengers of angels and beings of light remind us over and over again to breathe in the golden light particles and calm ourselves, and keep our focus on the presence of the divine spark of unconditional love we all carry deep within ourselves.

As we fan this spark with our intention - and also with our prayers for help to do this - we gain strength iota by iota to stand more and more in this strong place of love and light.  

This place of light connects us center to center with the divine presence all around us and within us.

As spiritual travelers, we can use everything outside ourselves to show us where we still have to practice bringing in and holding more of the Creator's unconditional love.

From this stance, we can develop the spiritual practice of gratitude for everything as being an instrument by which we can measure our progress in holding and eventually living in light and love.

Remember, divine help is simply a prayer away.  Be just calling out to our angel friends of forgiveness, our guardian and protector angels, and other angels and beings of light we love or are drawn to, as well as the Creator source itself, we can receive unlimited assistance to develop our own spiritual heart "muscle" of loving abundance for ourselves ~ and in time ~ for those around us.

Begin with baby steps, and acknowledge yourself for each little increment of experience in which you are able to hold onto the divine truth that all is created in divine unconditional love.

I hold you in the Creator's Light as you move and grow through these experiences during these challenging as well as fascinating times.


Pat Crosby

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