Saturday, August 28, 2010

Breakthrough Your Traumas - 6 powerful videos on forgiveness - with Tony Robbins

Breakthrough Your Traumas
6 powerful videos on forgivness - with Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins Breakthrough Series is on HULU for the next week only.


No matter what your issue is - you should find something here:

Tony shows how 6 couples survived the storms of life - with coaching and forgiveness:

*  Broken Neck on wedding night Swimming pool party - leading to life in wheelchair
*  Job Loss
*  Stroke at top of your game - Ashamed to Let Anyone Know How Broke You Are
*  Bickering leading to divorce - 5 Little Boys In Trauma
*  Married to Mom instead of Husband - Horrible Accident with Young Child, Panic Attacks
*  Husband strays when wife gets big career breakthrough - Children wild and out of control.
*  Fear of Homelessness with Upcoming Foreclosure and Disastrous Financial Losses - Living in a Shelter in Los Angeles

Tony takes these courageous souls through the stages of coming to grips with the betrayals in their life, and with his skills helps people move through, past, and into new beginnings.

I cried through most of the episodes.

Each episode touches something deep inside.

I used the mantra of the forgiveness meditation as I felt things get stirred up inside myself - stirred up to be brought into consciousness and then released.

It is time now, to heal.

Remember the simple steps of the forgiveness meditation (audio is on your subscriber's page).

ASK for help from the Angels of ForGIVEness.

REQUEST to have the old energies pulled out of you.

ALLOW the energies to move and leave.


These videos show the human side of the process and stages of forgiving and moving on.

They are only on Hulu for the next week - til Sept 4, 2010 - so be sure to check them out.

I would love to hear from you if you found the videos valuable and of help on your journey.
You can email your experiences at

OR leave Comments after this article on the blog

I hold YOU in the Creator's Light,

Pat Crosby

PS:  If you've never taken a workshop with Tony Robbins - it is a most powerful and transformative experience.  IF you would like to try one, you can contact LANA POWERS in registration.  She is a friend and will help you pick the best seminar for you, and arrange any possible discounts that may be in effect when you call.

Direct 858-535-6270

Please tell her Pat Crosby sent you.

Walking on fire with Tony and lots of cheering people is a life experience that is incredibly transforming and empowering. 



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