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Golden Particle Breathing Explained - post by Kirael

This article explains more about why we use the golden particle breathing in the ForGIVEness Meditation.

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The Powerful Role of Photon Energy during the Great Shift

Master Guide Kirael, through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling

KIRAEL: Today I want to talk about photon energy, a force that will
one day be your main source of power, not just for your vehicles and
other devices, but for your body as well. Photon energy appears in a
wave format, yet is individualized. That is, a photon wave acts as
one particle. Photon energy has been around longer than you can
imagine. It was brought into this journey some 50,000 years ago,
during Lemurian times, and now it will play a major role in the Shift
in Consciousness.

Your government is aware of photon energy, but it doesn't want you to
be overly aware of it. So it's doing its best to postpone the
knowledge of photon energy among We the People. Wide use of photon
energy will change your economy, because photon is unharnessed and
surrounds you every second of every day. You can't charge people for
something that they can simply breathe in. As far as how to use
photon as your main source of power, that's where your galactic
energies come into the picture.

Recognizing Photon Energy in the Now

I'll keep me opening statement just short enough to whet your
appetite, so to speak. I want to answer as many of your queries as I
can, so let the questions begin.

Q: How do we know that photon energy exists, since we can't see it?

KIRAEL: Oh, it exists. I have been speaking about photon energy for
over twenty years, not just because it exists, but because it will be
a major influence in your lives during this shifting process. Max
Planck and Albert Einstein studied it.[1] Your scientists can see it
through their instruments, and they've written about it. You can find
their articles on the Internet.

Photon energy surrounds the Earth plane. Your planet system is
traveling through the outer edge of the photon energy, slowly moving
toward its core. Planet Earth has a consciousness and it knows how
much of the photon you can or cannot take. If Earth were to speed up
so that it reached the center of the photon belt, making photon the
predominant force here, your world would be stymied, as none of your
existing technology would work. You wouldn't be able to run your
cars, planes, radios, televisions, computers, etc.

When that much photon enters your atmosphere, your magnetic field will
change, and you will have to learn how to use photon as a source of
power. Gasoline will play little or no role in your lives, and your
government and scientists know this. So they will keep photon their
little secret until you have used up all your gas and oil. Silliness,
but that's the truth.

You ask, how you know photon energy is present in the Now. Take a
prana breath and bring the photon into your body. Do that daily and
you'll see changes in your body and your mind. You will become

The Use of Lemurian Numerology in Forecasts for Photon Levels

Q: Lately, your photon level forecasts, which are published in our
monthly newsletter, have been in the format of three digits with a
point, for example, 5.87. What do the first, second and third digits

KIRAEL: The format is about being precise. Beyond that, the photon
levels are based on Lemurian numerology, which is based on numbers 1
through 9, each of which has a specific meaning, and where all numbers
with two digits or more are reduced to one digit.[2] If you do no
more than learn the meaning of the Lemurian numerology, you'll better
understand the photon level forecasts.

Whether you have one, two, three, or more digits in the forecast, each
has a meaning and significance individually and in relation to the
others. So, let's say the photon level is at 3.22. If you add the
individual digits, they equal 7, which is a transitional number in the
Lemurian system. You might have to do something about transition that
day. If you can't find what you should be transitioning through, it
will find you. So pay attention to everything in your journey.

You can take the journey even further by looking at the digits
separately. In the case of a photon level of 3.22, the 3 represents
truth, trust and passion, the focus of this third-dimensional
journey. The 2 represents balance, and in this case, double balance
(22=2+2), or 4, which is the balance of all balances. You can
interpret these numbers as deeply as you want.

At first, a photon level of 3.22 seems a bit low, but it's the balance
that counts. Five is the ultimate balance of the photon, and in
Lemurian numerology, the 5 represents love. So, when the photon level
is 3.22, find the balance by loving yourself a little bit more that
day, because the photon energy at 3.22 can't carry your light for
you. That means you must do a couple of prana breaths to pull in more
photon to help raise your level of love, to reach the balance.

On a day when the photon is higher than 5, reaching the balance can be
tricky. The balance comes from how you play with the numbers. If the
photon level were 8, meaning you have one foot in this world and one
in the unseen world, you'd want to maintain the photon in your body at
a level that is three digits lower, so that you are breathing in the
balance of 5.

If the photon level is 7.11, then you know you are in a transitional
space. You have to breathe the photon in at a level two digits lower
to reach the balance of love. If you consider the two 1's, which are
Creator numbers, you know that they equal 2, which represents the
balance of duality. The 2 added to the 7 equals 9, which is
completion. In that instance, you have to breathe the photon energy
in at a level four digits lower to reach the balance. So, you see,
you will have to figure out how to reach the balance, and when you do,
you will be complete. Create balance on all levels by making the
intention to inhale only what you need to be in love.

Practical Health Uses for Photon Energy

Q: How can I work with the photon energy to make my life better in
the Now?

KIRAEL: For the most part, people don't even know that the photon
energy surrounds them. We were just speaking of my photon level
forecasts. Whether the photon level is high or low, you always want
to be at the centerline with it. That means you want to maintain a
level 5, which is the balance of love. When you take a prana breath
into your crown chakra, that breath automatically picks up the photon
energy and brings it into your body. The photon along with the prana
comes down into the Signature Cell, or the pineal gland, where they
mix. When photon energy and prana are aligned in your pineal gland,
every cell in the body is immediately informed that the photon energy
is being processed.

It will be a while before photon becomes your only source of power.
Until that happens, get your physical vehicle revved up with the
photon energy. Prana breathe once or twice a day with the intent to
bring in the photon. If you have a cold, prana breathe the photon
into it and do the journey, whether it takes five days or fifty. If
you want to heal something, do the journey and focus on the area you
want healed. It will heal. If you have a pain in your knee, the
photon will work on that pain if you ask it to. It won't
automatically address your pain. Your input is needed. You can
address the photon in meditation by focusing on your knee, then going
outside your knee and bringing the photon into the knee.

If somebody in your family suffers from Alzheimer's or some other
disease, bring the photon into your body through your pineal with a
prana breath, then light up your hands with it, placing them on the
person's crown chakra. With intention, send the photon into that
person's crown chakra so that it can travel to the affected areas and
all through the body.

If you're a runner, prana breathe, bringing the photon into your body,
down through your lungs, back out of your lungs, and into your heart.
Your heart will slow down, increasing your endurance and making your
run easier and less stressful. You'll run faster and smoother and
your gait will be perfect. Photon is five times more potent than
oxygen. When you run a mile, you expend a certain amount of oxygen.
Well, an equal amount of photon will take you five miles.

Your meditations will go to another level if you prana breathe and
inhale the photon, then exhale it with the intention that it bounces
off your body, exiting through your eyes, fingers, or wherever you
want it to. Practice meditating by prana breathing, inhaling the
photon, then exhaling it through the pores of your body, building a
bubble around you. Sit inside that bubble and feel the power of the
photon. You will not know how long you've been out until you look at
a clock, because you will lose track of time. The photon energy is
beyond time and space. You'll think you've been meditating for five
minutes, but the clock will say twenty minutes. You'll want to do
this every day, maybe even twice a day, every day. In all these
instances, if, at first, you don't succeed, keep trying.

Q: Rather than using something like astrology, can we use the monthly
photon forecast as guidance for our journey?

KIRAEL: Oh, I don't think you'd ever want to do that. Photon alone
can't guide your journey. Remember, pay attention to everything in
your journey. Besides, astrology is a great journey, having to do
with the push and pull on this planet system. Astrology has its
place, just as photon does. You might even find that the stars are in
alignment with the photon forecast. Don't discount one for the other.

The Effect of Photon Energy on the Earth

Q: Is the level of photon energy consistent all over the Earth plane
or are there areas where the photon levels are higher or lower?

KIRAEL: It's consistent around the world. When the Earth plane moves
through the photon at a level of 3.22, the level of photon doesn't
change from one place to another on the Earth plane.

Q: Does the photon energy affect earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and
other Earth changes?

KIRAEL: You, as an individual on this Earth plane, go through the
photon quickly and with less stress than does Mother Earth, who, as a
huge plane of consciousness, moves through the photon more slowly, and
is affected by it more dramatically.

The photon energy affects Mother Earth's eruptions by intensifying
them. So it does not matter if the photon is higher or lower. No
matter what the photon level is, if a volcanic eruption happens,
photon energy will be attracted to the site of the eruption and will
build around it. If you were to measure the photon energy at the
eruption site of a volcano, it would be double or triple what it is
outside that area. The photon knows where the eruption will occur and
helps it get free of the volcano. The photon has no judgment. It
adds photon energy into the volcanic eruptions to achieve balance on
behalf of the Creator.

If you could get into the eye of a tornado, it would be almost
completely saturated with photon energy. The photon gets into that
flow and stays there until it blows out and releases the eye of that
tornado. When that happens, the tornado stops.

Where earthquakes are concerned, the photon increases their impact at
the epicenter. Your collective thoughts can redirect the energy, so
that the earthquake erupts away from your sphere of influence. Take a
look at where the earthquakes have been happening. Is it possible
that the people in Los Angeles have held off an earthquake for so long
simply because they do not want to have an earthquake? That's right.
Their thoughts and the passion they put into those thoughts have an

The people of Los Angeles have had enough past experience with
earthquakes to have kept these eruptions at bay for the moment. If
they don't want the earthquake, it won't happen there; but it has to
happen someplace. So earthquakes have been happening in areas where
the people are less focused on earthquakes, photon, spirituality, etc.

If the people of Los Angeles get complacent, the fault lines there
will experience some shifting activity. Don't get so cocky that you
think you can simply pray your way out of this earthquake journey
altogether. You can, but I don't think you're strong enough.

Q: Do any similarities exist between how photon affects Mother
Earth's body and how it affects our bodies?

KIRAEL: Your body is much like Mother Earth's. When Mother Earth
doesn't have enough photon, she erupts and that draws the photon into
her to create the balance for healing. If Mother Earth could draw in
the photon in some other manner, it would create the chance for
further healing on a much higher level. So, in what other manner can
Mother Earth bring in the photon? She can get the photon she needs if
you respect her by sending her light and treating her with love. That
means not decimating her forests, polluting her waters, creating wars
or engaging in other activity that negatively impacts her balance.
Mother Earth would heal in ways you cannot even imagine.

When the human body experiences pain, it's because you don't have
enough photon energy in your body. That pain erupts and disrupts your
balance, so you must prana breathe and inhale the photon. You will
feel the love and light of your whole body. If you prana breathe and
bring photon into this journey, you will be so much better today than
you were yesterday. If you prana breathe and you die, it's because
that was your choice. If you didn't prana breathe, you might have
died a few days before that or even a couple of years before. I
guarantee your body will last a little longer with photon than without

Photon Levels during the Three Days of Darkness

Q: What is the level of photon energy that will trigger the three
days of darkness?

KIRAEL: The photon level will be at a 1 when the three days of
darkness starts and it will be at a 9 when the three days of darkness
ends. When the Earth moves fully into the photon belt, the photon
energy will go to 1, because it will suck out all the third-
dimensional energies. That sounds bad, but it's really good. The
photon will suck out the energy pattern of Earth. When this happens,
you will feel yourself going unconscious. You will fall asleep and be
unaware of the three days of darkness and everything that occurs
during that time.

Your body will experience a dramatic journey during those three days
that will reflect Lemurian numerology. First, you will feel the
Creator's love (1), then you'll go to sleep, after which you will
balance everything (2), and use truth, trust and passion as the basis
to get out of this third-dimensional journey (3). On the second day,
your DNA will be magically brought up to the fourth light, and you
will have four strands rather than two (4), and the love that you felt
when you went to sleep will come into play more strongly (5). Then
you'll meet all the masters (6). After that, you will transition into
the next phase (7), when the galactic energies will be present to
assist you through this whole journey (8), so you can come to
completion and awaken to a new world on the third day (9).

Those three days will be beautiful. When you awaken, you will be
changed for the better. Some of you will be asleep longer than three
days, because it will take you a little longer to get through the
increasing photon levels, but that's all right, because you will
awaken in love. If you want to prepare for that event in the Now,
seek out the balance-the spirit of 5, the love energy. The more
balanced you are, the less stressful the changes in your body will be
during those three days.

Photon Interaction with Magnetic Fields and Solar Flares

Q: You said that the photon energy is rapidly reducing the magnetic
force field of Earth. Will it also change our third-dimensional
patterns and veils?

KIRAEL: The magnetic force on the human body process is called
gravity. The third dimension is being phased out now, so your third-
dimensional body will be phased out. You must continue to prana
breathe, because you're not out of this dimension yet. The photon
energy will prolong and strengthen your body until you get through the
third dimension. If you get nothing else from what I say today, know
that if you want to get to the fourth light, you will have to use the
photon energy.

Q: Scientists expect a peak in solar flare activity in 2011. How do
the large solar flares interact with the photon energy?

KIRAEL: When the solar flares erupt, they look like an explosion.
They go as far as they can go-at least 100 miles off the sun-then they
run out of gas and burn out. Each time a solar flare goes out, it
goes farther than the one before it, taking a part of the sun's gases
with it. The photon energy moves in and sweeps that energy back into
the sun, filling in the hole left by the flare. The photon energy
does not burn out, even in the sun's atmosphere.

You could stop these solar flares, which have a defined effect on your
Earth plane. The effect is not so big that you can feel it here on
the Earth plane, but the energy that surrounds the Earth plane is
affected by these flares, and not in a good way. Some people are
starting to pay attention to these solar flares and that will make a
difference for you. You can build up the photon energy around the
Earth plane to lessen the effect of the solar flares. When you prana
breathe and blow photon into the atmosphere, you affect the solar
flare activity. Prayer and meditation are helpful as well.

The Effect of Photon Energy on Chemtrails

Q: This is a question about chemtrails from a scientist in Europe.
According to the website Chemtrail Central (,
chemtrails are streaks of chemicals created in the air by spray
systems on airplanes at any altitude. Our questioner shares that
following the recent volcanic eruption in Iceland, flights all over
Europe, including chemtrail flights, were canceled for days for the
first time in many years. As a result, many people reported feeling
different and much lighter energetically. Are chemtrails used to
block photon energy from reaching human beings and how can we alter
the effect of chemtrails?

KIRAEL: Chemtrails have been around for a long time and they're not
going away any time soon. They are scientific experiments on the
Earth plane that allow your scientists to know what will happen on the
Earth. Think of your Earth as having a database of upcoming events.
The chemtrails enable your scientists to read that database to
determine when the next hurricane or tornado or earthquake, or
whatever, will occur. Although the United States has been subjected
to chemtrails for some time, it has not been subjected to them for as
long as Europe has.

The media sensationalizes the seriousness of the chemtrails, which
have actually been held at bay by the photon energy. Over the last 18
years or so, the chemtrails have offered the photon energy an
opportunity to expand its powers, and the photon has figured out how
to hold back as much of the chemtrails as it can. The chemtrails take
a long time to reach the Earth plane. So the photon energy has time
to envelop them.

The Goddess Light, which was placed around the Earth plane in Lemurian
times, also prevents the chemtrails from leaking through. Yet, the
photon and Goddess Light can't do all the work. If the chemtrails are
leaking into your atmosphere, it is your fault. We the People must
come together collectively and prana breathe, inhaling the photon
energy and then exhaling it up into the chemtrails. You'll keep the
chemtrails from leaking through. You can pray them away, too. It'll
be a while, but eventually chemtrails will be a thing of the past.

That lightness that people felt when the chemtrail flights were
stopped was a reflection of the availability of more photon for
breathing, since the photon energy did not have to envelop the

The Interplay of Phton Energy, Light and Water

Q: What did Albert Einstein theorize about photon energy that is
coming true today?

KIRAEL: Oh, just everything. Einstein expanded on Max Planck's
theories. Einstein's journey was so self-empowering that it almost
killed him, in the sense that he was a fourth-dimensional being and he
had a difficult time holding his journey back into this lifetime.
Einstein understood everything about photon that you know today and he
died from his inability to tell people about it.

Energies like Albert Einstein and Max Planck are here to keep the
journey going. Einstein has never left this Earth plane. He's still
roaming around Europe and the Americas. When scientists get a sudden
thought about photon, it's coming from energies like Einstein and
Planck. Unfortunately, your scientists tell those thoughts to get out
of their heads and the thoughts go away; but if they said, tell me
more about it, the energies would put more thoughts into their heads.

Q: How much photon energy am I actually breathing in and taking into
my cells now?

KIRAEL: How many breaths do you take in a minute?

Q: I never counted.

KIRAEL: Let me make it easier. About 12 percent of the photon energy
gets into your body. That's a lot. Most people who have not had
Signature Cell Healing or any other healing modality where the breath
plays an important role have only taken in about .05, .06, .08. If
you prana breathe all the time, meditate a half-hour a day and pray,
you can take the photon over the top.

Q: Whenever we in the Goddess group, Silver Wings of Light, do
baptisms with you, we raise the photon energy from the water by
patting the water with the palms of our hands. How does this affect
the four bodies of the person receiving the baptism?

KIRAEL: When you form a circle in the water and pat the water and
raise the photon, it affects not only the person being baptized, but
the entire Earth plane, which loves it. It takes a circle of
Goddesses to do that journey. When you first pat the water, you might
get a little dizzy, because the photon starts to build up so it can
connect into the forces above you, all the way through the ozone and
beyond. It draws pure photon energy into the water where you are and
goes down into the Earth plane. The person who's being baptized is in
the center of the circle, so he or she will get stronger and more
powerful. The energy from the patting stays in the "etheric" fabric
and the ozone for about a half-hour to 45 minutes, and when it comes
down, it is stronger and pure.

Q: Will our bodies be composed more of photon energy than of water as
we move into the fourth light?

KIRAEL: Your body will be more water than it is now, so you will be
able to hold more photon/light in your body. In fact, the more water
in your body, the more light you can emit. A higher percentage of
water in your body automatically makes you more able to get into
meditation and the fourth dimension.

Your body is 70 percent water now. You can get it to 88 percent water
just by being baptized.

Expanding DNA and Healing with Photon Energy

Q: What is the relationship between DNA and photon energy?

When it comes down to you getting through this third dimension into
the fourth dimension, you must have those other two strands of DNA
available to you. The photon energy works well with the four-stranded
DNA. Most of you have the extra strands of DNA, which is why so much
of the photon surrounds you. They simply aren't vibrating yet. If
you prana breathe every day, each of your 70 trillion cells will get a
taste of the photon. If you took just one prana breath a day, you'd
activate your cells, which would then strengthen and expand.

Here's how photon interacts with your expanding DNA. Your double
helix, or two-stranded DNA, splits and forms another two strands of
DNA. During the time the split happens, the RNA goes through your
whole system and talks to the other cells in the body. Because the
RNA is susceptible to the pranic energy, the photon will go through
your body system in a much more defined manner.

In other words, it will be focused on where it's going. Your dying
cells will become stronger if you prana breathe and take in the
photon, because, with the four-stranded DNA, the photon will
automatically go where you need it. You can use the photon energy to
travel to the fourth light in your light body while your four strands
of DNA remain intact in your physical body. Meditate, prana breathe
and use the photon energy.

Q: What are dual magnetic photons and what part do they play in

KIRAEL: The dual magnetic photon was discovered eighteen years ago,
when scientists saw that the photon was forcing itself into double its
energy. In other words, whenever the photon energy is released to
you, it doubles itself. You can just imagine the benefits in the
realm of healing. Everything heals in light. You're getting double
the healing light energy.

Whales and Dolphins Breathe More Photon than Air

Q: Do the whales and dolphins come up to the surface of the water to
breathe air or photon?

KIRAEL: If the whale comes up for air for ten seconds, only two of
those seconds are filled with air and the other eight are filled with

Q: So their life system is based more on photon than air?

KIRAEL: Surely. If you spent as much time in water as they do, you'd
have the same system. The dolphins are about two percent behind the
whales. If they come up in ten-second spurts (a long spurt, by the
way), four of those seconds are for breathing air and the other six
seconds are for breathing photon.

Photon energy can increase your brain capacity. The average size of a
dolphin's brain is much larger than that of a human brain. The
whale's brain is even larger and they're working with about 75 percent
of their brain capacity. When you go to the fourth dimension, you
will get into the prana and the photon and you'll be up around 30, 40,
or 50 percent of brain usage from the word go.

Photon Energy Is Free and Pervasive

Q: Will the galactic empires teach We the People how to use the
photon energy or will they teach government officials, who will then
funnel the information to us?

KIRAEL: The galactics don't have much use for your governmental
officials. If they could, your galactic brothers and sisters would
put We the People in charge. They will give all of this knowledge and
energy to We the People. Those who are trying to control and master
the photon are also holding it back from We the People, because they
want to make money and take dominion over you and the photon energy.
Well, they can't own the photon and they can't own you if you don't
want to be owned.

Photon is pervasive and free, floating all around you, waiting to be
of service. We the People just want to breathe it, use it, and make
it powerful. The galactic empires will teach you all you need to know
to empower yourselves and the photon. The politicians won't even know
about it. It'll be too late for them to capitalize on this free

Closing Statement

The information about the photon can be found in the weave. The
photon is already in this journey, floating around your bodies, ready
for you to tap into it. Pray, meditate, and prana breath, inhaling
the photon, to bring your body into alignment in readiness for the
fourth light. Photon is powerful. Use what's given to you. You will
find the love you've been searching for.

Good evening.

[1] Max Planck was known as the father of Quantum Theory. Albert
Einstein took Planck's work on photon energy to the next level. See

[2] In Lemurian numerology, 1 is Creator, 2 is balance/duality, 3 is
truth, trust and passion, 4 is thought or the balance of the 4 bodies,
5 is love, 6 is mastery, 7is transition, 8 is the communication
between two worlds, and 9 is completion. See Kirael, the Lemurian
Legacy for the Great Shift.

©Kahu Fred Sterling

For more than 20 years, Kahu Fred Sterling has served as the exclusive
medium for Master Guide Kirael , a seventh dimensional guardian
spirit. He is the author of several books including Kirael: The Great
Shift and Kirael: The Ten Principles of Consciously Creating. He
shares his passionate messages via workshops, articles, audio
recordings, and webcasts on Kahu Sterling is also a
gifted healer and pioneer of the Signature Cell HealingTM modality. 


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