Sunday, March 27, 2011

Alison Ramer ~ Pat Crosby "Remove The Occupation From Your Mind" Audio Interview

Social Healing ~ "This Takes Work" ~ One Person at a Time

We caught Alison Ramer enroute to Jerusalem, just after an explosion rocked the city there.  She shares her hopes, dreams, and visions that give her the stamina to go back to the war zone and continue the fight for peace, justice, forgiveness and healing. In this passionate heartfelt statement, Alison shares the vision and hope that her generation share and how social media is helping them unify in their common humanity.

"...most of us choose not to harm one another and I condemn with compassion all others ... who feel the need to kill their relatives in order to be heard. I pray that we will look past our fear, hatred and anger  towards the "other" and look towards the day  when the only disasters we'll have to deal with will be natural disasters." ~ Alison Ramer

About Alison

Alison Avigayil Ramer

Al-Tariq - Parent's Circle Families Forum


“Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night 

 already devoid of stars. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.“ ~ Martin Luther King Jr

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  1. Another driver makes an inappropriate hand gesture on the road. A parent screams at a child. A customer verbally abuses the cashier at the supermarket. A teacher yells at his or her student. These are all expressions of anger when we lose control. Fury is a hostile missal looking for a target. The intent of rage is to inflict pain and humiliation on a specific or undefined mark amid a flurry of self-righteous indignation. Unfortunately there exists within all but the righteous, a loose cannon with a fuse of varying lengths ready to fire a barrage. The angry person has lost all reason and is on a rampage of destruction with no impulse control. So, how do we tame this inner beast? Anger, which arises from the spiritual element of fire, is a function of arrogance. Therefore, management requires humility. This, however, immediately begs the question, “How does the arrogant person who frequently explodes into a rage become humble?” The process of change is one of replacement or substituting one thing for another. Humility and pride are opposite components existing within the divided soul – the first emanating from Godliness and the later from evil. Thus, even the most arrogant person has a potential for humility because every aspect of being has its opposite. Thus, it is possible for anyone, at any time, to engage in a single act of humility. When such a window of opportunity opens up, we can ask ourselves, “What else is possible?” and then learn how to give up being right and to dismantle the upset. More at

  2. Dear Pat: This moved me very deeply. We were as a family in Televiv and Jerusalem with Walter's relatives on our way home from Afghanistan. I wrote several letters about my experience there but in the interest of keeping my book on topic and below 400 pages, I left them out. At the time, I couldn't see how conflict could be avoided given the deep distrust, fear and hatred between all parties., and I couldn't take sides.

    Thank God there is always a new generation and a new beginning.

    Thank you for doing this work. Your presentation is getting better all the time.

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  4. Dear A,

    Thank you for your beautiful heartfelt expressions.

    I think others will benefit from your generous sharing.

    Alison is a treasure - I feel so happy to know how the younger generation is organizing themselves and using the tools of the WORLD wide web to communicate across and beyond limited boundaries - and connecting on a deeper heart, soul and vision level.



  5. Hi Pat,

    I just finished listening to Alison's interview with you and really loved it a lot. What came up for me was her youth, her passion and heartfelt compassion for the Palestinian people, as a vehicle to bridge the so called "good guys vs bad guys" image that has been projected by the media and self-interest groups onto all of us, all over the world.

    It is almost impossible to empathize wirth anyone's pain when they are thousands of miles away from us, as well as living in a cultural perspective, to say the least, very different from our own. By virtue of her going there and actually meeting these people and experiencing their life's challenges, their fears, as well as their humanity, the differences begin to fall away and a moment of Yoga, a new awareness, a "oneness" begins to emerge that reminds us that we are all the same, ultimately and truly.

    It was a beautiful and important interview. I sent it out to some people already and will send it to more folks tomorrow, as I'm off to Eastern, NY CF, the very prison I was in, to do a meditation program. ... I just wanted to say thank you. As Tom ... always used to say: "You are great and getting "Greater!!"

    Love and blessings,