Sunday, March 6, 2011

Your help is needed - a special request. Funding Drive for ForGIVEness.

Dear Friends,

The good news is our forgiveness project is expanding by leaps and bounds. 

Our website visits are WAY up, and our articles are getting circulated to many new lists and readers. 

I love looking at the revolving globe on our site showing the golden glow that lights up every time sometime clicks on one of our sites.  

Thank you all for visiting, forwarding, and posting our articles and links on blogs, sites, lists, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

And thank you for your comments and emails of appreciation. It is so heartwarming to learn of the healing that happens on so many levels through the power of ForGIVEness.


Our mission to get the forgiveness message out to people is being positively received in many new quarters and hearts and minds are being healed. This is very gratifying.

Right now we are about half funded for a special distribution of the printed booklet at a large mind-body-spirit-health expo on the east coast of the United States. 

They have requested 1000 copies of our
"I Love ForGIVEness" meditation booklet to be given out to registrants.

So - I have  put on the fund-raising cap!

Here are a few ideas, and perhaps you may be able to help in any way with some of them. Or perhaps you have new ideas.  We are certainly open to ideas and help from all directions to support the urgent need to help and support people to forgive and let go of past traumas and painful memories.

1. ForGIVEness Memorial.

A memorial for your parents or other loved ones in honor for this distribution. Blessings from this would spread to all involved. 

We can put a nice memoriam in the booklet for your loved ones memory and honor.  The memorial will also be listed on a special web page honoring donors and sponsors.

If anyone comes to mind as you read this -  a friend - or business - or professional -  who might be interested in having a memorial donation (ie - offered in the name of a loved one) - or outright ad for a business or professional please pass on our message to them,  let me know - or connect us.

Anyone offering $250, $500, $1000 or more, can receive:

* Complimentary advertising on our web site family and social media for your center, company, or professional service

* And/or private forgiveness/angel session(s). 

*  Autographed copy of "The little Book of ForGIVEness".

ANY size donation is appreciated. 

ALL donators will receive a gift ebook copy of "The little Book of ForGIVEness" in appreciation - that you can use, print out, and share with others as you are called.

Donations can be made at

with any credit card or paypal.

If you would like to donate by check, please email me for directions.  patcrosby AT gmail DOT com

2. Site Advertisers.

 Secondly, our project is ready to accept quality advertisers and sponsors to support our expanding growth and to bring quality products and services of interest to our readers. If you know of any quality holistic companies, services and professionals who would like this energy exchange with us, kindly let us know. I know it will be beneficial and for the highest good of all.

3.  Foundation Support.

 It's time too reach out for support from foundations too. If any come to mind, I would be most interested to know. I'm new at this, so any help you can offer will be most appreciated to expand our forgiveness message.


I see our site is getting visited from people in the Middle East. Our shopping cart supplier - ejunkie - has given us our service for free as an "Awesome Project" grantee. 

So we will see how we can develop this gift next.  Your ideas and connections would be most welcome.

Perhaps we will begin offering our free ebook download on forgiveness there. There is so much need to help  break the cycles of violence and retribution.

An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, limb for limb, makes the whole world blind, dumb and lame.

Many thanks for any ideas, inspirations, and support you may have. 

The world is hungry for forgiveness now as times are getting more and more intense for people.


There are some amazing forgiveness projects we are currently working on  ---  I will be making them public as soon as they are ready to release - which will be very soon :)

Our project of spreading the forgiveness message is expanding  rapidly now... so we are in need of funding. 

And more helping hands.  This is a happy challenge!

Many thanks for any assistance/ideas you may offer. Your service and contribution are deeply appreciated.

I would like to thank those who have stepped up so far to support the first stages of our mission. Without your valuable assistance, we would not be at the threshold we are today.

I hold you in the Creator's Light.

Blessings and Love,


Pat Crosby



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PS:  Whenever we publish an article on abuse of some kind, I notice a few ISP's recommend unsubscribing. If you wish to stay subscribed, put our email in your SAFE LIST, or simply ignore the ISP idea.   

To our New Supporters!  We Appreciate You So Much for Helping Us Spread the Message of Love through ForGIVeness!


Release your fear, let go of that pain,  walk in the light of love and bliss.  Transformations happening faster than ever before.

Frank Siegel ~   New Hampshire in the United States ~ "Your web site and audios are wonderful healers. Thank you."

 Generous Angel - Siemone Langhorne, New York, New York

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