Thursday, March 31, 2011

Discover You Mind-Body-Spirit Expo Apr 3, RI, featuring NEW "little ForGIVEness Meditation brochure

Anyone near Rhode Island on SUNDAY APRIL 3, 2011 can attend this mind-body-spirit health expo this weekend. 

The NEW "little ForGIVEness Meditation" brochure is making it's debut there - to the first 1000 attendees.

Many thanks to our generous contributors Siemone Langhorn (NY), Jackie Van Dusen (RI), and Frank Siegal (NH) for underwriting the printing costs. Thank you, Everyone, for helping spread ForGIVEness ♥

And THANKS to our technical support volunteers:  Ivan Rivas - graphics, Maria DeGange - artwork, Robert Pacini - artwork and graphics.

And special thanks to Susan Lataille - organizer for the expo - who is helping spread the message of ForGIVEness at the expo.

If YOU have a group that would like our new full-color "little ForGIVEness Meditation" brochure, please email patcrosby AT gmail DOT com.

If you would like to donate to printing more copies, please use the DONATE button at
or email if you would prefer to donate by check.

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